What types of hardware does Yellow Dog Software provide?

We provide data collectors (for reviewing inventory and performing physical inventories), and label printers/labels (for both retail and food & beverage environments).

For a complete list of hardware we provide, goto http://shop.yellowdogsoftware.com.

Will my existing inventory scanner work?

Yellow Dog Inventory can import from some hand-held devices. However, if your device is capable of producing a text file, we should be able to import it. Here are some of the known text file layouts that we handle:


Each line of the text file contains SKU and Quantity seperated by either a comma or a tab.


Alternating lines of the text file contain SKU and Quantity. For example, the first line would contain a SKU, the second a Quantity for that SKU, the third a new SKU, the forth the associated Quantity, etc.

The text file can optionally contain a single header line.