When an item will not "scan" at the POS, there are many possible reasons. This document will help to troubleshoot this issue.


SKU (stock-keeping unit): This is the number that Yellow Dog Inventory assigns to a new item. It is typically 6 or 8 digits. When pushed to Micros, this value corresponds with the Micros NLU. We imported these numbers from your old system. 

UPC (universal product code): This is the barcode placed on the item by the manufacturer. This is almost always 8 or 12 digits. We refer to 8 digit barcodes as UPCE and 12 digit barcodes as UPCA. I recommend entering the full sequence of numbers, even though the first and last are often represented as smaller. 

Vendor SKU: This is the vendor or manufacturer's part number. When you re-order an item, this is the number they expect. It can be absolutely anything. This number is not used for look-ups in Micros because it often has dashes and letters in it.

Things to Check

  • In the item editor, Double-check the UPC in the UPC1, UPC2 or UPC3 fields, or change to the UPCs tab. We recommend entering the entire UPC value, but this depends on your Micros configuration. Please ask your Micros support which pattern to use. Some common patterns:
    • 123456789012 — UPCA, all 12 digits.
    • 23456789012 — UPCA, right 11 digits.
    • 12345678901 — UPCA, left 11 digits.
    • 2345678901 — UPCA, center 10 digits.
    • 12345678 — UPCE, all 8 digits.
    • 2345678 — UPCE, right 7 digits.
    • 1234567 — UPCE, left 7 digits.
    • 234567 — UPCE, center 6 digits.
  • If any other inventory items also have the same UPC, this will cause problems. One of the items will need to be fixed.
  • At the POS, does the barcode scanner beep? If it does not, then it isn't even reading the UPC. This could be a hardware issue. Contact Micros support.
    • If this symptom is intermittent it may be that the barcode on the printed label is too small, too dense, or otherwise too hard to read. Contact Yellow Dog support.
  • At the POS, does the barcode scanner beep but Micros does not respond? This indicates that Micros isn't configured to receive data from the scanner properly. Contact Micros support.
  • At the POS, does Micros complain "menu item not found"? This means that either the item is not in Micros correctly, or its Menu Item Class is wrong or its NLU Group is wrong. There could be other issues as well. At this point, somebody familiar with EMC will need to open the item and figure out exactly what is wrong. After this contact Yellow Dog Software, because we will need to make sure all of the inventory items are properly configured to reflect this change.
  • For Micros 9700 and Simphony we assign NLU Group 32 to items by default. This affects look-ups. It can be changed in Yellow Dog Inventory third-party interfaces, or Micros can be changed to use this value.

Micros 9700

Look at: RVC Parameters -> Options -> 33 Enable UPC Algorithm for Barcode NLU Entries. It should probably be unchecked (unless you are using weighted items).