Can Yellow Dog Inventory track item sales if those items are rung up as "open priced item" at the Point of Sale?

No. In order for Yellow Dog Inventory to track sales, all inventory items need to be explicitly selected during sale. This can be accomplished through item lookups, scanning or manually entering item SKUs, or scanning item UPCs.

Can Yellow Dog Inventory track items that already exist in the Point of Sale?

Yes, they can be tracked using POS Item Mapping or Recipes.

Those items cannot be managed by Yellow Dog Inventory without intervention by YDI Support or Implementation staff.

Does Yellow Dog Inventory manage Point of Sale discounts?

No. Most discounts are configured and handled by the POS. However, you can certainly change an item's base retail price in Yellow Dog Inventory and that price will be pushed into the POS during the next sync.

Yellow Dog Inventory will attempt to include POS discounts in sales reports when possible.

Does Yellow Dog Inventory manage Point of Sale taxes?

No. Taxes are configured and reported on by the POS.

Yellow Dog Inventory does handle some taxes associated with Purchasing.

How often does the sync between Yellow Dog Inventory and my Point of Sales run?

We typically schedule the sync to run once an hour. We use Windows Scheduled Tasks to launch syncs, so the interval is completely customizable.  A couple of notes:

  • The same sync will not run multiple times concurrently on the same server. If a sync is scheduled to run, but the last run hasn't yet completed, the new run will not occur.
  • Running a sync from multiple computers is not recommended. This can cause problems.

What happens if the Point of Sale server is not accessible to Yellow Dog Inventory for a period of time?

It depends on the POS, but Yellow Dog Inventory typically attempts to pull multiple days worth of sales each time it syncs. This ensures that a missed sync doesn't cause missed data. It also helps in cases where the POS modifies a sale at a later date (such as voids).

For Micros, we typically set the sync to pull 7 days worth of transactions from Micros and parse out what we already have. Provided the Micros server comes back on-line within 7 days all transactions will be updated correctly. If Micros is unavailable for more than 7 days contact Yellow Dog Software support, because we may be able to adjust the sync to reach further back in time.

When pushing items, there are two methods for determining item changes to push:

  • For Micros syncs after build 291, any new or changed item will continue to be pushed into the POS until it succeeds, at which point it will never be pushed again until another change is made.
  • For most syncs involving flat file interfaces, and all syncs before build 291, we attempt to send changes/adds over a 1 day period. If the POS if off-line more than that contact Yellow Dog Software support. We can trigger a full re-sync as necessary.

Which Point of Sale systems does Yellow Dog Inventory integrate with?

We currently support Micros 9700, Micros Simphony, Micros 3700, PAR Springer Miller, Gilbarco Passport, and InfoGenesis POS systems. Other integrations are in development. We are always looking for new systems to integrate with.