Our Square Interface supports a 2-Way integration in which Yellow Dog Inventory can both pulls sales data from Square as well as push in new or changed items.

Sync Approach

This interface contains one element: A Yellow Dog sync application which pulls sales (orders) from Square and pushes in new/changed items via the Square API.

Sync Frequency

This interface can be scheduled to process sales and push items at a time and frequency of your choosing, although by default, it will be run at the top of every hour during business hours.


This interface requires Yellow Dog version 354 or higher.

The Yellow Dog Sync program will need internet access to exchange information with the API.

Our sync requires a Personal Access Token to connect to the Square API. A Personal Access Token is generated by creating a new application here: https://connect.squareup.com/apps/.

Yellow Dog Requirements

A list of Square Location names to match to our Store Revenue Center Codes.

Please let us know before implementation begins if your site already has items in Square. If you wish to continue using those pre-existing items, the item data will need to be extracted from Square and provided to Yellow Dog using our standard Excel template.

Data Exchange

Exporting Item Data

Yellow Dog’s pushes the following item details to Square:

Square FieldYellow Dog Field
Tax GroupInterface Setting
Visibility (Private/Public)Interface Setting
Available Online (True/False)Interface Setting
Available for Pickup (True/False)Interface Setting
ImagePicture 1
NameItem Description
AbbreviationPOS Description 1
DescriptionWeb Extended Description
Variation NameItem Description (Dimension)
Variation SKUSKU/UPC
PriceRetail 1
LocationRevenue Center Code

Importing Sales Data

We pull in the following sales data:

  1. Device ID and Name, if provided.
  2. Discount Descriptions
  3. SKU
  4. Item 
  5. Item Retail
  6. Item Discount
  7. Transaction Number
  8. Tender
  9. Check Closed DateTime


Importing Code Data

Our sync pulls Square Category and Tax Groups (currently limited to 3) to populate our interface drop-down selector.



This sync can be run from any location with internet access.

Additional Information


  1. New items can only be pushed to one location in Square.
  2. We currently do not push Categories or Modifiers to Square.
  3. Square only allows up to 5 characters for their Abbreviation (POS Description 1 in Yellow Dog).
  4. Items are limited to 1 picture per main/parent item in Square.
  5. Square does not support itemized returns in their API.