In general we do not support point of sale systems. Please contact your vendor for support. However, the following are some known issues.

  • Yellow Dog Inventory isn't reporting sales discounts correctly.
  • Micros 9700: Yellow Dog Inventory pulls sales data directly from the Micros 9700 database. The Micros database is complex. The way Micros stores discount information is more complex. Unfortunately, Yellow Dog Software cannot guarantee that we will pull the correct discount information. If you have a consistent problem with discounts your best solution may be to use an alternative discount method in Micros.
  • PAR Springer-Miller: There seems to be some odd inconsistencies with how PSMS sales data is exported with discounts. For instance, fixed-price items seem to be handled different than open-priced items. We have tried to account for all scenarios. Please contact Yellow Dog Support if you find issues.

I cannot sell my item at the POS

Yellow Dog Inventory is used to manage inventory items. In most instances a Store in Yellow Dog Inventory is synced with a Revenue Center in the Point of Sale. This means that new or changed retail items are pushed to the POS and sales transactions are pulled from the POS to adjust on hand counts. Sometimes this doesn't happen. Here are some things to check before concluding that the sync is broken:

  • Please wait for a couple hours for the sync to run. Typically, we configure the sync to run once an hour. A new/changed item in Yellow Dog Inventory might not be pushed into the POS until an hour (or more). Some customers only sync a couple times a day.
    • You can check the sync schedule easily using this report: Standard Reports → System → Log → Syncs.
  • A retail item will not be synced if it is not set up correctly.
    • Edit the item and ensure it has a proper Level, Description, and Retail value.
    • In the Inventory Items list, change the View to Problem Items to see possible issues.
    • Check that POS-specific properties are set correctly.
    • Ensure that the item is both Active and is set to be Available for the correct Stores.
    • In older versions of Yellow Dog Inventory if 2 retail items have the same UPC neither will be sent to the POS.
  • If an item "won't scan", it may be because the barcode scanner is not configured. See POS Barcode Scanning Issues.
  • Some POS workstations don't automatically update themselves when new retail items are pushed into the POS server.
  • If there are known network or server issues this can stop the sync from taking place.
    • If an item fails to sync for more than 24 hours the system will stop trying. You can trigger the item to sync again by making a minor edit. Putting a space in the Notes field in the Item Editor will work.

Of course, the sync might actually have stopped working for some reason. Please contact Yellow Dog Software support. If we don't already have access to your servers we will need the assistance of your IT department to troubleshoot.