The Aloha 2-Way interface provides a two-way interface where new items or item changes can be added automatically to Aloha and inventory will be reduced by POS sales.

Sync Approach

The Aloha 2-Way interface with Yellow Dog Inventory contains two elements:

  1. From Yellow Dog, a sync application which will

    • Provide an output file of any new/changed items,

    • Process a sales file that the RCM program creates, and

    • Process an Aloha code file that the RCM program creates.

  2. From RCM, a separate application that will

    • Process the item file produced by the Yellow Dog sync which will add or edit those items in Aloha,

    • Create a sales export file, and

    • Create an Aloha code file.

Sync Frequency

This interface can be scheduled to process the sales on a frequency of your choosing (meaning we can process multiple times each day).



This interface will ONLY work with Aloha that is 6.7 or higher (SQL version).

The existing Aloha items and modifiers may need to be reconfigured so that the proper item is listed in the sales information and can be mapped to reduce the correct inventory items. Yellow Dog can review your setup prior to your acceptance of the proposal to identify what you and your Aloha team will need to do to allow our inventory system to work properly.

The Yellow Dog Sync program will need to be installed on a server that can access the folder where item and sales files will be populated.

POS Partner

RCM will need access to the Command Center. Please provide this access to pat@aloharadiant.com.

Yellow Dog

Yellow Dog will need to have remote access to this server. We can provide access via our tool called TeamViewer or we can utilize your internal remote access methodology.




POS Partner


Yellow Dog


Data Exchange and Mapping

Sales Data

Yellow Dog receives the following sales information:

  • RevenueCenterID

  • Date

  • Time

  • TransactionID

  • TransactionLineID

  • ItemID

  • Quantity

  • UnitRetail

  • UnitDiscount

Item Data

The following item details are sent to the Aloha POS system:

  • ItemID

  • SKU

  • UPC

  • ItemCost

  • ItemRetail

System Codes

The code data we receive includes:

  • Categories

  • TaxIDs

  • Revenue Centers

  • Item

Additional Information


  1. New or changed items only appear in Aloha after a system refresh is performed.

  2. An item can have a SKU number and 1 UPC code.

  3. Yellow Dog Inventory is not compatible with Aloha Configuration Center.

Other Notes


Each party will support their portion of the interface. All initial support can be routed to Yellow Dog who can ascertain if an escalation to RCM is necessary.

Additional Procedures - Orders

If a client needs a proposal to add this interface, please direct them to Yellow Dog. Yellow Dog will work with RCM once an order from a client has been made. Also, a new order will be needed for any existing client switching from another version of POS.


Each of the two elements will be implemented separately by Yellow Dog and RCM.

The implementation will begin once your Aloha office has confirmed that it can accommodate all of these prerequisites and requirements.