Yellow Dog's 1-way interface with Brunswick pulls sales data from Brunswick's to reduce inventory based on transactions.

Sync Approach

Yellow Dog Inventory will pull sales from the Brunswick server via XML files.

Sync Frequency

This sync can be scheduled to run at any frequency, but a daily pull after business hours is recommended.


Brunswick Sync 2.2 or higher is required for this integration.

Brunswick's Yellow Dog feature must be enabled for the center in Brunswick's cloud system.

Brunswick must be configured to use Enterprise Controller Identifiers for all items to ensure that all item numbers in Brunswick are unique per item.

Any existing Brunswick items and modifiers may need to be reconfigured so that the proper item is listed in the sales information and can be mapped to reduce the correct inventory items. Yellow Dog can review your setup prior to your acceptance of the proposal to identify what you and your Brunswick team will need to do to allow our inventory system to work properly.


This sync can be run from any location that can successfully access the Brunswick server, often on the same machine.

.Net 4.6.2 must be installed wherever this sync will run.


  1. Brunswick does not have any revenue center definitions so all sales data for a site will be applied to a single store in Yellow Dog.
  2. We do not pull in any sales on products measured by Time, such as Bowling.
  3. "Retail" items will need to be created in Brunswick as well as Yellow Dog (no 2-way ability).
  4. Yellow Dog can only pull in sales data as far back as the center's Brunswick system is configured to save full transaction data.