The interface with Catertrax supports a 2-way integration. 

Yellow Dog will receive sales data and push item data to Catertrax. 

Sync Approach

Using the Yellow Dog Generic sync, Yellow Dog Inventory pulls daily sales data from and exports item cost data to Catertrax. Files will be dropped into an FTP location provided by Catertrax. For more information on this two-way file exchange, go to our Generic Sync page here.

Sync Frequency

Catertrax will provide a daily sales export at 1 am EST, and pick up an export file from Yellow Dog Inventory Fridays at 2 am EST. 


Catertrax will need an export of all items to get a list of SKU's.

Catertrax is responsible for providing an FTP location with username and password, along with implementing their import/export processes.

Data Exchange

The Catertrax import application will pick up the Yellow Dog export file Fridays at 2am EST. This is our standard Generic export, but Catertrax will only read SKU and ItemCost.

Importing Sales Data 

Catertrax will provide a daily sales export file to the FTP location in the Generic sync format. The export will occur nightly at 1 am EST and include Completed orders only.

Additional Information 


  1. Catertrax only supports check discounts; no item specific discounts.
  2. Catertrax will not be able to uniquely identify Custom Items sold.
  3. No Employee data will be available with sales transactions because customers place their own orders.
  4. Once an order has been exported from Catertrax, the order is locked. Any orders that are "Cancelled" or "Incomplete" in Catertrax will not be included in the export.