The interface with Jonas supports a 1-way integration and a 2-way integration.

1-Way Integration for Food and Beverage

Note: Jonas will charge a fee of approximately $500 to activate this sales output file.

Sync Approach:

Jonas creates the sales file after the End of Day process runs and places it into the designated shared folder for Yellow Dog Inventory Consumption.

Sync Frequency:

Jonas creates and sends the sales file once a day.


New items will need to have the “Send Item to Inventory Control Interface” flag enabled. Jonas can turn this on for all items if the client requests it.

To see modifiers, the Accum.Options Prices will need to be disabled for any items with Prep Options in Jonas.

Data Exchange

Yellow Dog will archive sales files once they are processed.

Below are the corresponding data fields.


Known Limitations for 1-Way

No way to see itemized discounts; discounts are summed up in the retail price.

2-Way Integration for Retail

There are 3 elements involved in the interface:

1.    Yellow Dog Software Sync Application
2.    Jonas Item Import
3.    Jonas Sales Export

Sync Approach

Yellow Dog Software sync application generates a file on a scheduled basis for any new or changed items and places it in a location where Jonas can access it (typically a shared folder on the local Jonas server).  The sync will also check for any new sales files from Jonas and process them to reduce inventory and update sales data.

Jonas has their program check for new files on a frequency set by the client.  If a file exists, Jonas will process it and add or update items to the Jonas POS.

Jonas creates the sales file after the End of Day process runs and places it into the designated shared folder.

Sync Frequency

Jonas creates and sends the sales file once a day.

The Yellow Dog item file sync application can be run on demand and any scheduled frequency. Our recommendation is to have the sync run every 60 minutes. 


Yellow Dog will need the following for Jonas:

•    Client Code
•    Company Code
•    POS Partition Code
•    Inventory Area Codes
•    Sales Category Codes

Back Office Setup Requirements

The minimum version of Yellow Dog Inventory must be v 361 or above.

The minimum version of Jonas must be Jonas 12.8.323. (Released Dec 2017)

Anyone that will run End of Day or a manual sync will need access to the shared Jonas sales folder.

Jonas will need to set up the automated import/export processes.


Our recommendation is to schedule the Jonas Item import sync two times for every one time the YDI sync is run.

Example:  If the Yellow Dog sync runs every 60 minutes at the top of the hour, the Jonas import should be scheduled to run at 15 and 45 minutes after the hour.

Data Exchange

This interface is a simple file exchange.

Jonas will archive item files once they are processed.

Yellow Dog will archive sales files once they are processed.

When an item is made inactive or removed in Yellow Dog, the Yellow DOg sync will stop sending any updates to the item in Jonas. However, the behavior of the item in Jonas does not change.

Below are the corresponding data fields. These are the only fields that will be pushed into YDI.

Jonas Field NameYellow Dog Field
SKU Code (6 Digits)Item Number
SKU DescriptionPOS Description 1
Sales Category CodeJonas Sales Category Code
Retail PriceRetail 1
Unit CostCalculated Cost
UPC ReferenceSKU

Importing Sales Data

Yellow Dog Inventory will import sales data once per day, after the End of Day is run.

Yellow Dog receives Type, RevenueCenterID, Date, Time, TransactionID, TransactionLineID, ItemID, Item, Quantity (quantity sold) and UnitRetail. UnitRetail is the actual retail value per item the guest pays, including any discounts and this number should always be positive.  Any returns will show as a negative quantity. 


The sync will be installed on the Jonas Server.  The shared folders will be set up in a folder called YDI under the main Jonas POS folder.

Additional Information


1.     Jonas can only support up to a 6-digit SKU Code. Yellow Dog Inventory will require all Yellow Dog Item Numbers to be 6 digits or less. 
2.    Jonas only supports one bar code (UPC Reference) that can be scanned at the POS.  Yellow Dog will always push the SKU                   number to this field.  The Yellow Dog Inventory UPC codes can only be used for scanning for physicals or YDI back office                     purposes. 
3.    The Jonas sales file will only contain sales since the last end of day.  Given that you can run the end of day as often as you wish,         you may have multiple sales files if end of day has been run multiple times on the same day.  
4.    Any user who run the End of Day must have access to the shared folders.  
5.    Modifiers can be included in the sales file, but that option must be turned on within the Jonas system (modifiers will print on                 receipts as well).