Overview - 2.9+ for Self Hosted Instances

Yellow Dog can use the Import/Export ability contained in version 2.9 and above to facilitate a 2-way integration or the POSTEC interface described below.

Overview - 2.7 and 2.8 for Self Hosted Instances

Yellow Dog and POSTEC offer a combined interface to work with self hosted instances of Simphony version 2.7+ for both MS SQL and Oracle databases.  

The Simphony  2.7+ self-hosted interface with Yellow Dog Inventory contains two elements:

  1. From Yellow Dog, a sync application which will pull (in read only) from the Simphony 2.7 to 2.8 database all sales and setup code information.

  2. From Postec, a procedure that will take a flat file of new items/changed items and insert those records to the Simphony database.



This interface will ONLY work with Simphony that is self-hosted and using Microsoft SQL or Oracle for the database.

The Simphony version needs to be Simphony 2.7* or higher.

The version of Microsoft SQL needs to be SQL Server 2008 R2.

Hosted instances by Oracle will require a completely different interface that has to be provided by Oracle Professional Services.

Existing POS items and modifiers may need to be reconfigured so that the proper item is listed in the sales information and can be mapped to reduce the correct inventory items. Yellow Dog can review your setup prior to your acceptance of the proposal to identify what you and your POS team will need to do to allow our inventory system to work properly.

  1. SSIS must be installed on the SQL server that contains the Simphony MCRSPOS database.

  2. SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio must be installed on the SQL server that contains the Simphony MCRSPOS database.

  3. Postec will need system administrator access to the SQL server.

  4. SQL Agent must be configured to run on the SQL server that contains the Simphony MCRPOS database.

  5. A SQL server logon will be needed for Yellow Dog that can read the definition tables.

  6. A folder on the SQL server is required where the import files from Yellow Dog will be placed. It should be accessible as a file share for Yellow Dog to copy the import files.

  7. Remote access to the SQL server and Simphony 2.X EMC (with logon credentials) for testing purposes.

NOTE: If your EMC user configuration requires automatic password expiration (i.e. every 60 days) it is your (the customer) responsibility to change it in the sync configurator. ImpExp.exe will not work without a valid EMC username/password, which means that sales and item changes will not sync if the password in our sync configurator has expired.

POS Partners


Yellow Dog


Additional Information


KNOWN ISSUE - Maintenance Release 5 will only support up to 4 bar code lengths. Any other lengths defined beyond that will not scan. That issue is resolved in MR6.

Other Notes


Each of the two elements will be implemented separately by Yellow Dog and Postec.

The interface will start AFTER the Micros office has confirmed that it can accommodate all of these prerequisites and requirements.

If an item is made inactive or deleted in Yellow Dog, the sync will remove the barcode from the item in Simphony, so it can not be scanned to add to a ticket.


Each party will support their portion of the interface. All initial support can be routed to Yellow Dog who can ascertain if an escalation to Postec is necessary.

Additional Procedures

If a client needs a proposal to add this interface, please direct them to Yellow Dog. Yellow Dog will work with Postec once an order from a client has been made. Also, a new order will be needed for any existing client switching from another version of Micros (3700, 9700, Sim 1, etc).