Prior to your upgrade, please make sure all of the following have been completed:

Workstations & Servers

  • .NET framework 4.6.2 (or higher) is installed on ALL PCs that will be running Yellow Dog Inventory

  • If you host your own Yellow Dog Inventory server, SQL Server 2012 (or newer) must me installed. Earlier versions are no longer supported.

Yellow Dog Inventory

  • Ensure all Physicals, Purchasing Documents (Receipts, Invoices, Transfers), and Item updates (prices, manuals, etc.) are completed/committed prior to the start of the upgrade.

  • For sites that do not currently have access to our mobile apps, the API agreement will need to be filled out. Click here to go to the agreement page.

  • To ensure your system maintains peak performance, we are requiring all databases to be purged of historical data during the upgrade. Please fill out the purge options form located here