Our Square Interface supports a 2-Way integration in which Yellow Dog Inventory can both pulls sales data from Square as well as push in new or changed items. Yellow Dog is now available through the Square App Marketplace. 

Sync Approach

This interface contains one element: A Yellow Dog sync application which pulls sales (orders) from Square and pushes in new/changed items (products) via the Square API.

Sync Frequency

This interface can be scheduled to process sales and push items at any time and any frequency of your choosing. 



This interface requires Yellow Dog version 362 or higher.

The Yellow Dog Sync program will need internet access to exchange information with the Square API. In Square, click on the Yellow Dog App to automatically generate the token which allows the exchange of data.  Yellow Dog will then need to:

  1. Create an API Account (Client ID associated will be needed)

  2. Assign a Client Secret

  3. Assign the Client ID to the Square Business account.

After these steps are completed, you must make sure Client ID and Secret are added to the Options/Global Fields, as they allow for the sync to connect to the 3rd party proxy server and for Yellow Dog to receive the necessary Square Access token.

POS Partner


Yellow Dog

A list of Square Location names to match to our Store Revenue Center Codes.

Revenue Center codes must be set in Yellow Dog Inventory. Our sync does support multiple RVC codes per store for pushing and pulling data to/from Square.

Please let us know before implementation begins if your site already has items in Square, as there are special instructions and steps to follow in these instances. 




POS Partner


Yellow Dog


Data Exchange

Sales Data

We pull in the following sales data:

  1. Device ID and Name, if provided.

  2. Discount Descriptions

  3. SKU

  4. Item

  5. Item Retail

  6. Item Discount

  7. Transaction Number

  8. Tender

  9. Check Closed DateTime

  10. Modifier sales are now pulled in as individual TPTransaction lines

  11. Modifiers, once sold, will populate into POS Item Map

Item Data

Yellow Dog’s pushes the following item details to Square:

Square FieldYellow Dog Field
Tax GroupSquare Tax 1, 2, and 3 (Interface Setting)
Visibility (Private/Public)Square Visibility Interface Setting
Square Available Online (True/False) Square Availabile Online Interface Setting
Available for Pickup (True/False)Square Available for Pickup Interface Setting
CategorySquare Category Interface Setting
Price Type (Fixed/Variable)Square Price Type Interface Setting
ImagePicture 1
NamePOS Description 1
DescriptionWeb Extended Description
Variation NameItem Description (Dimension)
Variation SKUSKU
PriceRetail 1
LocationRevenue Center Code

You can use the Match Items button to match existing products in Square with items in YDI on SKU.
Note: This will only work when the SKUs match on simple items in both systems.

There is an optional ability to push On Hands to Square from Yellow Dog Inventory.

  1. Select (not set) to not push on hands and turn off the Tracking in Square.

  2. Select Total to push a total of the item's on hand across all stores in the YD database, regardless of whether those stores are configured to push to Square. Note: When we push the Total on hand, we push that total to each Location in Square; this will make Square's total on hand across all stores larger than it should be, because the total from YD will be duplicated.

  3. Select Store to push the item's on hand per store.

Yellow Dog can optionally push UPC's to Square.

  1. When enabled, this option will push UPC1 for each item; if items do not have a UPC, SKU will be pushed instead. This value will push to Square's SKU field.

  2. When disabled, the SKU for each item will be pushed to Square, whether items have UPCs or not.

System Codes

Our sync pulls Square Category and Tax Groups (currently limited to 3).

Additional Information


  1. Items are limited to a single SKU per variant in Square.

  2. Items are limited to 1 picture per main/parent item in Square.

  3. Square does not support itemized returns in their API.

  4. In Square, Products share the same settings across all Locations.

  5. We are only able to match existing Products in Square to Items in Yellow Dog (based on SKU) if:

  • They don’t have more than one Variation in Square

  • If the Yellow Dog Item is not part of a Matrix or Parent/Child relationship.

  • NOTE: Products in Square with multiple Variations must be removed from Square before they can be pushed in from Yellow Dog so as not to create duplicates.

Other Notes



This sync can be run from any location with internet access.