Yellow Dog Software releases new versions of Yellow Dog Inventory throughout the year. We schedule an annual upgrade date with each client to ensure that you get upgraded at least once per year. This annual upgrade date will be on a date of your choosing. This will be the same month/week/and day of week each year (November, 1st Full Week, Tuesday, Morning/Afternoon).

These upgrades are included in your support/subscription plan and are provided at no additional cost. These upgrades contain new features, performance enhancements, bug fixes, and enhancements that will improve your use of Yellow Dog Inventory.

Please use the links below to schedule your upgrade, review the technical requirements, see what’s new in the version you are upgrading to, and other useful information.

What’s New Version Information

Schedule an Upgrade

Contact Upgrade Team

Upgrade FAQ & Information

Pre-Upgrade Resources

Upgrade Tech Requirements

POS Migrations

API Access Agreement

Sandbox Request & Feedback