YDI Supports the following vendors' EDI imports/exports.  EDI development is a continuous process at Yellow Dog Software.  Features are implemented as needed. Please contact Yellow Dog Inventory to request new vendors or new features with existing vendors.

Below is a list of our current capabilities with the following vendors.

EDI CompaniesInvoices ImportingPrice Guide ImportingExport Purchase Order
Amcon EBSYesNoNo
Associated GroceryYesNoNo
Ben. E KeithYesYesNo
Buy EfficentNoNoNo
Cheney BrothersYesNoNo
Cooper BoothYesNoNo
Creation GardensYesNoNo
Eby BrownYesNoNo
Exact MaxYesNoYes
Franz Family BakeryYesNoNo
GFS CanadaYesNoNo
Green LeafYesNoNo
HT HackneyYesNoNo
Jersey PaperYesNoNo
Lindt USAYesNoNo
Melissa's ProduceYesNoNo
Melotte DistributorsYesNoNo
MTC KitchenYesNoNo
Natures ProduceYesNoNo
Pate DawsonYesNoNo
Pocono Pro FoodsYesNoNo
Pepsi NJYesNoNo
Pepsi NYYesNoNo
Performance Food GroupYesYesNo
Produce AllianceYesNoNo
Reinhart Food ServiceYesNoNo
Red BullYesNoNo
S. Abraham and Sons, Inc.YesNoNo
Seashore Food Distributors, IncYesNoNo
Shamrock FoodsYesYesNo
Specialty ProduceYesNoNo
Stanz Food ServiceYesNoNo
Trade SuppliesYesNoNo
US FoodsYesYesYes
Vienna BeefYesNoNo
VIP Foods and WineYesNoNo
West Central ProduceYesNoNo

Implementation Steps

Most EDI syncs are one-way. Data is published by the vendor.

  1. Determine which document types the vendor supports and that the customer wants.  This typically includes:
    • Invoices
    • Product Guides
  2. Set up an FTP account. Each account should be specific to a vendor/client. If the vendor can provide an FTP account, that is preferred. Otherwise Yellow Dog Software can provide an account. The following information is needed by YDI:
    • FTP address.
    • Username
    • Password
    • Folder(s) where data is stored.
  3. The vendor should begin publishing data as soon as possible. This allows YDI to pull in item/invoice data before the "go live" date.
  4. Configure and schedule the sync on the YDI server.