Yellow Dog synchronizes item and sales data with Jonas through our two-way interface, which reads from a SQL Data Mart containing Jonas data and then exports item data from Yellow Dog to .csv files to be picked up by Jonas’ automated import process.

The Yellow Dog Inventory export and import syncs can be run at any frequency, although by default they will be scheduled to run at the top of every hour during business hours. The Jonas item import sync can also be set to run at any frequency.


Yellow Dog Requirements

In order to match our Revenue Center code, we will require the following for each store in Jonas:

  •  Site ID
  • Company Code
  •  POS Partition Code

For our interface settings, we will also require the following, which can be pulled in using our sync application:

  • Area Codes
  • Category Codes

We will also need a Starting Number for any new items created in Yellow Dog.

Back Office Setup Requirements

The store codes required above (Site ID, Company Code, and POS Partition Code) must NOT have any spaces or special characters within them in Jonas.


JCM version 12.6 or later is required for this integration. This upgrade will be prompted on the server by Jonas once they have a contract in place with the client.

 Implementation will be dependent on Jonas Club Management (JCM) completing their setup.

JCM will be responsible for the following:

  • Setting up the SQL Data Mart.
  • Creating a user for Yellow Dog with read-only access to the SQL Data Mart.
  • Providing Yellow Dog with credentials for the SQL Data Mart.
  • Granting Yellow Dog access to the SQL Data Mart server.
  • Setting up and scheduling their automated import processes at each Jonas location to follow the Yellow Dog sync.
  • Creating the three views that our sync will use:
    • Interface_YDS_03_POSItemSales_ALL
    • Interface_YDS_02_POSItemSales_Updated 
    • Interface_YDS_01_POSItemSales_Open

Customer will be responsible for the following:

  • Completing Jonas upgrade.
  • Setting up Category Codes and Tax settings in Jonas.
  • Setting up permanent connections between Jonas POS server(s) and SQL Datamart.
  • Creating shared folders on the Jonas POS server(s) and giving access to all required users, including managers.
  • Verifying all connections and notifying Jonas when ready to move forward.
  • Giving Yellow Dog access to the Jonas POS server(s).

Data Exchange

Exporting Item Data

Yellow Dog’s sync will export revenue center specific .csv files with new items and item changes to a shared network folder on each revenue center’s server.

JCM has a utility that will automatically import this file into their system at each location. JCM’s import processes will determine whether the item information in the Yellow Dog export file(s) is from a new item that needs to be created in their system, or if it is an update to an existing item in their system.

The files will be archived after processing.

The files are named using the Jonas store codes and the date time when the file was generated: YDS_SSSSSSSSSS_CC_PP_yyyymmddhhmm.csv.

We export the following item details to Jonas:

Jonas Field NameYellow Dog Field
SKU Code (6 Digits)Item Number
SKU DescriptionPOS Description 1
Category CodeJonas Category Code
Retail PriceRetail 1
Unit CostCalculated Cost
UPC ReferenceSKU

Importing Sales Data

We will have read access to the SQL Data Mart, which will combine all Jonas stores into one SQL database, and include specific views from which Yellow Dog reads sales data:

  • Interface_YDS_03_POSItemSales_ALL
  • Interface_YDS_02_POSItemSales_Updated 
  • Interface_YDS_01_POSItemSales_Open

Importing Code Data

Yellow Dog pulls code data (Revenue Center, Jonas Area Code, Jonas Category Code, Jonas SKU (Used Code)) from the following tables:

  • tblClubInventoryItems
  • tblAdminCompanySettings
  • tblPOSPartitions
  • tbladminsiteids
  • tblClubInventoryCategories
  • tblClubInventoryAreas


Sync Setup

Because the sync is interfacing with two different systems - pulling from the SQL Data Mart and pushing to the individual Jonas POS servers - we have separate pull and push configuration available:

  • Run the pull from the server that houses the SQL Data Mart or another server with access to it. DMS is preferred.
  • Run the push from the location where you want the export files; usually the Jonas POS server at each location, with the sync set to run for that store only.


For each sync install, specify the folder path for the Yellow Dog export file, fill in the SQL Data Mart credentials, and select whether to pull and/or push with that sync, then select the store(s).

Additional Information


Jonas SKUs (Item Numbers) are limited to 6 characters, which can be a combination of letters and numbers, and they only have 1 UPC code per item. Because of this limitation, our sync pushes the Yellow Dog SKU into the Jonas UPC field. Only the Yellow Dog SKU barcode will work for proper item scanning at the point of sale.


Revenue Center Codes must be correct in Yellow Dog.