With our Aireus 2-Way Interface, Yellow Dog Inventory can pull sales data from Aireus as well as push in new or changed items.

Sync Approach

Aireus receives items from and posts sales to the Yellow Dog API.

Sync Frequency

The update of items is controlled from within Aireus and can be done on a frequency of your choosing.

Sales data is pushed by Aireus to the API once per day.




Yellow Dog

This interface will work with any hosted Yellow Dog Inventory version above 363.

POS Partner

  • Provide Aireus with the following:

    • ClientID

    • YD user/password

Posting Transactions

  • Aireus will post transactions to Yellow Dog at the end of every business day. This is an automated process

  • Modifiers are supported (sent as separate lines in transaction data)

  • Voids are handled as returns

  • Checks from previous days cannot be re-opened

 Getting Items

  • This is on demand and must be initiated by the end user in Aireus. 

  • Aireus does NOT pull the Yellow Dog Inventory SKU or UPC. This will need to be entered manually into the Aireus PLU field

  • There are no interface settings configured in Yellow Dog. 

  • Aireus pulls the entire item catalog every time they get items. Not just new/updated items. 

  • When an item is created in Aireus, attributes such as discount options, tax classifications, reporting classifications, etc. will need to be configured in Aireus after the shell of the item information is pulled in from Yellow Dog.

Other notes

  • Aireus PLU has a 45 char limit

  • Aireus PLU supports alphanumeric 




POS Partner


Yellow Dog


Data Exchange and Mapping



POS Partner


Yellow Dog


Additional Information


  1. The Yellow Dog Item SKU or UPC must be manually entered into the Aireus PLU Field.

  2. The Yellow Dog item still needs to have attributes set once the shell of the item is added by Aireus.

  3. Sales are updated once per day

Other Notes