YDI Supports the following vendors' EDI imports/exports.  EDI development is a continuous process at Yellow Dog Software.  Features are implemented as needed. Please contact Yellow Dog Inventory to request new vendors or new features with existing vendors.

Click here to view is a list of our current capabilities and list of EDI vendors..

Implementation Steps

Most EDI syncs are one-way. Data is published by the vendor.

  1. Determine which document types the vendor supports and that the customer wants. This typically includes:

    • Invoices

    • Product Guides

  2. Set up an FTP account. Each account should be specific to a vendor/client. If the vendor can provide an FTP account, that is preferred. Otherwise Yellow Dog Software can provide an account. The following information is needed by YDI:

    • FTP address.

    • Username

    • Password

    • Folder(s) where data is stored.

  3. The vendor should begin publishing data as soon as possible. This allows YDI to pull in item/invoice data before the "go live" date.

  4. Configure and schedule the sync on the YDI server.