Yellow Dog Software has various apps you can download and use in conjunction with your Yellow Dog Inventory System.

App Fees

These apps require development, enhancement, and end user support apart from Yellow Dog Inventory.  Since they are optional apps and not required for all users, we do charge separate usage submission fees for these apps.  These fees are detailed here.

API Access for On-Premise Servers

If your Yellow Dog Inventory database is on a non-Yellow Dog hosted server (On-Premise), you will need to open a port to allow the API to connect.  


Minimum Requirements

Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher

2 GB of RAM

Dual Core Processor


Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher


Quad Core Processor

Download Link

CountSheet - F&B


Minimum Requirements

iOS 9

iPhone 5

iPad 2


iOS 9

iPhone 6

iPad 4

Supported Sleds

  • Linea Pro 6

  • Linea Pro 7

  • Linea Tab

Download Link

Bluetooth Scanners

Supported Devices

Unitech Ring Scanner (Coming Soon)

Other Devices

Yellow Dog Software has only certified the above scanner to work with our mobile apps.  We will not support/troubleshoot any devices we have not certified and/or provided.