1. Yellow Dog Software will make available support staff during the hours of 9:00am through 6:00pm EST Monday to Friday during the term of the license.

  2. Support staff will respond to issues and requests made by Licensee’s staff within 30 minutes for an issue where the system is substantially inoperable or is substantially impacting guest services.

  3. Support staff will respond within 2 hours for issues where there is an issue that impacts system operations, but is not impacting guest services.

  4. Support staff will respond within 1 business day for those issues that have no immediate operational impact. If the system is substantially inoperable for a period beyond 72 hours, support or subscription fees will be waived for the month in which the outage occurred.

  5. Yellow Dog Software will also provide emergency support from 6:00pm to 9:00am EST Monday to Friday, and all day on Saturday & Sunday. Emergency Support is not provided on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and Easter Sunday.

  6. When an after hours call is placed, the customer is connected to our after hours answering service that will in turn contact the Support Technician on-call to relay message. If the on-call technician does answer, our call service has phone tree in place. Technician is expected to respond to customer within 1 hour.  

  7. Emergency support is only provided if you cannot open your Yellow Dog software, you are unable to sync your handheld device or you have menu items that are not updating to your point of sale system. Service on issues not meeting this criteria will be deferred until the next available business day.

Our SLA on Availability for Hosting is located here.

Disaster Recovery of Yellow Dog Software Hosted Systems – In regards to Disaster Recovery, Yellow Dog Software will provide client with a full restoration within 48 hours from the date and time of issue notification.  The most current database backup will be restored to another hosted server and the client software will need to need to be pointed to this new instance.

Disaster Recovery Process

Situation:  Client server crashes with no immediate change of recovery.  48hr recovery period starts:

  1. Restore last 2 databases onto our “reserve” hosted server and their Yellow Dog inventory program files folder

  2. Install Yellow Dog Inventory, restore their program file folder, adjust settings.ini to reflect new IP

  3. Test communications, adjust as needed

  4. Reach out to Client, reconfigure client machines and point of sale server(s) to the new YD server