Yellow Dog Inventory has a complete 2-Way sync with WooCommerce to:

  1. Create new items (complete details, variants, pictures, etc)

  2. Update any item changes

  3. Update on-hand counts

  4. Process orders from items sold and reduce on-hand amounts

Sync Approach

This sync can be scheduled to run at almost any interval. 




POS Partner


Yellow Dog

To sync with WooCommerce, we will require: 


  • An API Key for use with the Sync (WordPress is the parent website).

    • Read/Write Permissions

  • Application Password is an Additional Plugin for WordPress, and is required to upload images.

    • Applications Password Key

Data Exchange and Mapping

Sales Data

Our sync pulls transaction data (Orders) from the Woo Commerce API regardless of status.
We are unable to pull returns from Woo Commerce.
Yellow Dog Inventory pulls the following transaction data:

Woo Commerce FieldYellow Dog Field
Date Created Check Closed DateTime
Product ID_Variation IDItem Number
Product Title,plus Attributes for Variations POS Item
Cost Item Retail
Discount Item Discount
Coupon (s) Discount Description (support multiple)
Quantity Sold Quantity
Order Number Transaction Number
(Placement in order lines array) Transaction Line Number

Item Data

We push the following to WooCommerce for items when:

  1. Send to Web is enabled

  2. The item is available to the Store selected in the sync

  3. The item is Active

Woo Commerce YD Single Item YD Matrix Item
Product Name Web Properties Title, else POS1 Matrix Web Properties Title, else Matrix Short
Product Short Description Web Properties Short Description Matrix Web Properties Short Description, else Matrix Short Description
Product Long Description Web Properties Extended Description Matrix Web Properties Extended Description, else Matrix Description
Regular Price Retail 1 Retail 1
SKU SKU (1 per product/item) SKU (1 per variation/matrix item)
Sale Price Web Properties Sale Price Can be set per matrix item
Sale Price Dates Web Properties Sale Dates Can be set per matrix item
Product Tags Notes Matrix Notes
Attributes Dimensions 1,2,3 Dimensions 1,2,3
On Hands Item on hand Item on hand
Product Image Picture 1 Picture 1 for the Placement 1 matrix item
Product Gallery Picture 2,3 All other pictures for items in the matrix
Publish-Catalog Visibility Woo Commerce Catalog Visibility Shared across matrix
Product Categories Woo Commerce Category 1-3 Shared across matrix
Shipping Class Woo Commerce Shipping Class Can be set per matrix item
Publish - Status Woo Commerce Status Shared across Matrix
Tax Class Woo Commerce Tax Class Can be set per matrix item
Tax Status Woo Commerce Tax Status Shared across Matrix

System Codes

We will import the following code data: 

  • Catalog Visibility

  • Categories

  • Shipping Classes

  • Statuses

  • Tax Classes

  • Tax Statuses

Additional Information


  1. Each store will require its own Sync.

  2. We do not currently support pre-existing items in WooCommerce.

  3. WooCommerce allows for one SKU per item.

  4. In WooCommerce, refunds are for dollar values only; because refunds are not associated with items, we are unable to retrieve returns from WooCommerce.

  5. Orders are pulled in regardless of Status (this is not necessarily a limitation, but with most of our syncs, we tend to rely on some kind of completed/closed status before pulling in sales).

  6. Before YDI v364, we do not have a WooCommerce web cart selection in Options/Global, which means that all possible Web Properties options are still visible, even though our sync with WooCommerce does not support them all.

    1. We do not support the following Web Properties settings for WooCommerce:

      1. Available From/To Dates

      2. New Item

      3. Last Chance

      4. Taxable

  7. Matrix Items share the same interface settings across the matrix for all WooCommerce interfaces other than Shipping Class and Tax Class, which may be set individually per Variation.

    1. As of 6/9/18, we do not normalize these shared settings across the matrix (meaning, a user could set them differently in YDI, but WooCommerce will still only support one per matrix)

    2. Our sync will push the max value of each of the shared interface settings (for example, if the setting has a numerical code and several items in the matrix have different codes for that interface, the sync will use the largest number code for the entire matrix).

Other Notes


This sync can be run from any location that can access the API URL. You will need to run a Pull first to pull in codes and generate the WooCommerce interface dropdowns in Yellow Dog Inventory.


  1. If an item is deleted in WooCommerce, we will push it back in the next time the item is triggered. 

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