With our two-way interface, Yellow Dog utilizes BigCommerce's API to:

Push in new update inventory items on a user defined schedule.

Process orders from BigCommerce on a user defined schedule.


Yellow Dog Requirements

Items in Yellow Dog must be mapped to the correct POS items, or items in BigCommerce must have the same SKU as their corresponding Yellow Dog items in order to report correctly.

BigCommerce Back Office Requirements

A Legacy API Account must be created within the BigCommerce administrative account in order to get an API Path and Token.

As stated above, items must either be mapped in Yellow Dog, or must be configured in BigCommerce to match Yellow Dog SKUs to report correctly.

Additionally, BigCommerce items with choices (known as matrix items in Yellow Dog), must have a unique SKU for each choice either matched or mapped to corresponding items in Yellow Dog in order to report correctly. For example, if there is a shirt in Big Commerce that has numerous choices based on size and color, there must be a separate SKU for each size and color combination available (such a Small Blue, Medium Blue, Large Blue, Large Green, Large Yellow, etc.).

Data Exchange

Yellow Dog's sync with BigCommerce pulls sales data only and uses the Big Commerce API.

Yellow Dog Inventory does not pull codes or push any item or code data to Big Commerce.


This sync may be run from any location with internet access.

Configure the sync path to include the main web address only: If the Path provided by BigCommerce is "https://store-1234.example.com/api/v2 ", use "store-1234.example.com" only.

Yellow Dog's sync with BigCommerce can be scheduled as often as every 30 minutes or as seldom as once a day, although by default it will be scheduled to run at the top of every hour during business hours.

Additional Information

Yellow Dog's sync with BigCommerce is programmed to work with the BigCommerce API v2 and that version has been hard coded into the API path that we use in this sync. If the API version has changed, this sync will not work.