Does Yellow Dog Inventory support password complexity enforcements, failed login attempt countdowns or password expiration?

Yellow Dog Inventory does not support any complex password enforcement, failed login attempts, or password expiration. In cases where this is necessary, please configure Yellow Dog Inventory to use Active Directory to enforce such rules.

How does Yellow Dog Inventory store Employee Numbers and Passwords?

Under most circumstances, Yellow Dog Inventory uses its own employee validation. In this case the Employee Number and encrypted Password are stored in the Yellow Dog Inventory database.

Active Directory

Optionally, Yellow Dog Inventory can rely on Active Directory or Windows to validate Employee Numbers and Passwords. In this case, only the Employee Number is stored in the Yellow Dog Inventory database. The Employee Number must match the Active Directory username.  When an employee attempts to log into Yellow Dog Inventory, they will be prompted for Employee Number and password. These credentials are validated against Active Directory or Windows before the employee is able to use Yellow Dog Inventory. The password is not stored.

Employee access to features within Yellow Dog Inventory must still be managed from Yellow Dog Inventory System Setup. Active Directory is only used for password validation.

Yellow Dog Inventory queries Active Directory using the .Net runtime System.DirectoryServices.DirectorySearcher class. Yellow Dog Inventory queries Windows using the LogonUser API call.