QuickBooks Requirements

We offer invoice exports to both the desktop and online versions of Quickbooks.  Some of the general requirements are detailed below:

Desktop Version


Yellow Dog Software's sync with QuickBooks exports invoices and return to vendor documents in import-ready IIF format in either line item detail or summary form.

The accounting integration requires the end user to import the files into QuickBooks; the sync does not push these files into QuickBooks.


Yellow Dog Software will need the following information in order to ensure a clean sync:

  • A list of GL codes to build in Yellow Dog under 'Inventory Accounts'. We will need all Inventory accounts along with additional expenses such as Freight and Tax, unless those expenses will be distributed amongst the cost of the items in the invoices. We can configure the accounts per inventory item to ensure accuracy.
  • A list of vendors to verify that the spelling is correct for each vendor name in Yellow Dog and to prevent duplicate vendor accounts when importing into QuickBooks.

Configuring the Sync

The sync must be deployed from the Yellow Dog folder, most often on the customer's server so that the customer can manage the exported files directly. The sync can be run manually or as a scheduled task.

We will configure the sync to export the IIF files to an active file location designated by the customer.

We have multiple options to configure the export in different file layouts, including store, type, vendor, and combinations of those three.

Within the sync, we can also configure the export to be a summary by GL code or detailed by line item. 

Importing Files into QuickBooks

To import the files into QuickBooks, go to File - > Utilities - > Import - > IIF Files, then choose the Yellow Dog export from the active folder.

Online Version


Details Coming Soon