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Yellow Dog Software secures hosted servers from a company called 1&1 IONOS. We can have your Yellow Dog Inventory database reside on one of these servers and allow you to access the system from anywhere you have an internet connection. The benefits of a hosted server include:

  • Probably faster than your old server

  • Fully supports our new mobile apps!

  • Immediate access by our Support and Upgrade Teams (No waiting for IT to give us access)

  • Never call IT about your server again!

  • Run Yellow Dog on your Mac!  (Remote App Access for Mac, iPad, and Android devices)

  • Run Yellow Dog anywhere you have internet (work, home, cafe, etc)

  • 24-hour server monitoring

  • No need to budget for server upgrades again (We cover all upgrades)

  • We handle all backups

Cost to Convert to Hosting

Zero. We don’t charge labor to move a client to a hosted server.

3 Month Credit

For a limited time, we are proving the first 3 months of hosting for free for any existing customer who converts from an on-premise to a hosted server.

What Does Hosting Cost?

The cost of hosting varies based on 1. How many stores you have and 2. If you need a dedicated server or if you can be in a multi-tenant server. Email sales to get a quote for your facility.

Hosted Servers by 1 & 1

All of your active data is stored through the services provided by 1&1 IONOS. 1&1 IONOS offers ISO 27001 Certified data centers located in Europe and the USA. More info is available here

Data Security

Servers and SQL Databases are monitored for unauthorized connections via Atera RMM and report to our Hosting Team automatically via Alert Emails. Customers are notified via email within 48 hours of confirmation of data breach.

Data Storage

Yellow Dog Databases (YDD) are stored via our hosted solution (1&1 IONOS) on dedicated Windows 2016 Servers. Servers are configured for RAID 6 redundancy. Backups are uploaded to our cloud storage service (iDrive).


All data is encrypted in-transit using SSL TLS 1.2 encryption standards.  The connection from the client (and any syncs involved) to the Yellow Dog Database is secured via Microsoft SQL Server Encryption.  Details on this encryption can be found here.  The connection itself uses a certificate obtained from DigiCert.  Details on this certificate can be found here.


Access to hosted servers is limited only to authorized Yellow Dog personnel. Yellow Dog Employees use MFA Secured TeamViewer logins to access our servers.

Data within the YDD (accessible via the YDInv client) is restricted based on the client’s Administrative Personnel and Policies.

Backups & Recovery

Database Optimization runs nightly and takes a backup of the complete database. That database is then uploaded to our cloud storage service (iDrive) for redundancy. Backups are encrypted with AES 256bit ciphers. Backups are checked for integrity monthly. IT Staff handles management of encryption keys.

Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

Our database optimization runs nightly, and generates a SQL backup file containing all of the data in the database. Backups are saved for 7 days. In the event of critical failure, data is never more than 24 hours old.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

Our RTO is defined by the database being online and accessible. In the event of critical failure, we can bring the database to that state in at most 8 hours.

Maintenance and Optimization

Server Maintenance

Server Maintenance runs the 2nd Wednesday of every month between 3am and 315am to apply Windows/SQL Updates. Databases are unavailable at this time.

Single Tenant servers can be customized based on customers needs.

Customers will be notified 2 weeks in advance of any server maintenance outside of the normal window.

Database Optimization

Database Optimization runs every night between 1am and 5am. This procedure does not prevent the user from accessing the system.


Service Level Agreement on Availability

Click here to view our SLA

Security Policy

Click here for our complete Security Policy

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