Hosting by Yellow Dog

Firewall & Ports

Requires an unobstructed SQL connection to the hosted server. The port number is determined by hosting team unless otherwise required by client.

Data Storage

Yellow Dog Databases (YDD) are stored via our hosted solution on dedicated servers.
The YDD is only directly accessible by Authorized Yellow Dog Personnel using standard Windows username/password and role based security.
Data within the YDD (accessible via the YDInv client) is also restricted to authorized personnel, which is determined by the client’s Administrative Personnel.


All data is encrypted in-transit using SSL encryption standards.  The connection from the client (and any syncs involved) to the Yellow Dog Database is secured via Microsoft SQL Server Encryption.  Details on this encryption can be found here.  The connection itself uses a certificate obtained from DigiCert.  Details on this certificate can be found here.

Backup Process

The Yellow Dog maintenance routine runs nightly and automatically creates a daily backup.  We keep the last seven days as separate backups.  The backups files are uploaded to a separate cloud storage service. 


Access to hosted servers is limited only to authorized Yellow Dog personnel. 


Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

The RPO for our hosted servers is at most 24 hours. Backups occur nightly and are uploaded to a cloud storage service for redundancy. Backups are checked monthly for errors in a lab environment.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

The RTO for our hosted servers is 12 hours. In the event of catastrophic failure, we can recover your data and bring it back to an online state in 8 hours. Some configuration may be required if recovery also involves migration to a different cloud platform.


Database Maintenance is performed between the hours of 11pm and 5am. A scheduled reboot of the server occurs during this time weekly. Additional Information regarding specifics is available upon request.

Customers will be notified via email, 30 days prior to any scheduled downtime which could go beyond the 11pm -5am window for normal maintenance.


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