For customers who operate golf stores, we have the ability to send sales information to Golf Datatech on a monthly basis.



There must be a valid agreement in place between GolfDataTech and the customer.

Yellow Dog must be configured and live in order to have sales data.

Data Exchange

Exporting Data

Sales data is shared to an ftp location. One file is generated per store selected within a single site folder.

Sales data is shared on the second day of the month. All sales data from the previous month is included.

Data is sent in the form of a CSV containing the following columns:

  • Department
  • Item Nber
  • Description
  • Manufacturer
  • UPC1
  • UPC2
  • Vendor
  • VendorSKU
  • Units Sold
  • $Total Sales
  • Sugg Price
  • Inv. On Hand
  • Dimension1
  • Dimension2
  • Dimension3