Our Appetize 2-Way Interface, Yellow Dog Inventory can pull sales data from Appetize as well as push in new or changed items.

Sync Approach

This interface contains one element: From Yellow Dog, a sync application which pull sales from Appetize's API.  

Appetize consumes the Yellow Dog API to pull new/changed item information. Yellow Dog Software consumes the Appetize API to pulls sales information. 

Sync Frequency

This interface can be scheduled to process sales and push items at a time and frequency of your choosing. 


Back Office Setup Requirements

This interface will work with any version of Appetize.


From Appetize

  • VendorID

  • CategoryGroupID

  • VenueID

Data Exchange

The following items detail can be pushed into Appetize:

  • Item SKU Number

  • UPC Code (Unlimited per Item)

  • Type

  • Revenue CenterID

  • Item Description

  • Dimension 1, 2, and 3

  • Item Cost

  • Item Retail

  • Current On-Hand

  • Vendor Code

  • Vendor SKU

  • Level 1, 2, and 3

  • Picture 1

  • Item Number

  • Active Status

Additional Information


  1. Matrix Items will appear as individual items in Appetize. There is no Matrix presentation.

  2. Yellow Dog only sends Picture 1.