Our Appetize 2-Way Interface, Yellow Dog Inventory can pull sales data from Appetize as well as push in new or changed items.

Sync Approach

This interface contains one element: From Yellow Dog, a sync application which pull sales from Appetize's API.  

Appetize consumes the Yellow Dog API to pull new/changed item information. Yellow Dog Software consumes the Appetize API to pulls sales information. 

Sync Frequency

This interface can be scheduled to process sales and push items at a time and frequency of your choosing. 



POS Partner

From Appetize

  • VendorID

  • CategoryGroupID

  • VenueID

Yellow Dog

This interface will work with any version of Appetize.




POS Partner


Yellow Dog


Data Exchange and Mapping

Sales Data

Yellow Dog receives the following sales information from Appetize’s API:

  • Transaction Number

  • Item Number

  • SKU

  • Item Discount

  • Check Closed

  • Employee Number

  • Employee Name

  • Quantity

  • Item (description)

  • Transaction Line Number

  • Tender

  • Item Retail

  • Tax

  • Tender

Item Data

The following items detail can be pushed into Appetize:

  • Item SKU Number

  • UPC Code (Unlimited per Item)

  • Type

  • Revenue CenterID

  • Item Description

  • Dimension 1, 2, and 3

  • Item Cost

  • Item Retail

  • Current On-Hand

  • Vendor Code

  • Vendor SKU

  • Level 1, 2, and 3

  • Picture 1

  • Item Number

  • Active Status

System Codes

Additional Information


Yellow Dog Software attempts to list any known limitations with each integration. The below list is what our team is aware of, but by no means, is guaranteed to be complete or exhaustive.

  1. Matrix Items will appear as individual items in Appetize. There is no Matrix presentation.

  2. All items in Yellow Dog are made available in Appetize regardless of status (publish, etc.)

  3. Items are not store specific

  4. Appetize only pulls Category 1 from Yellow Dog

  5. Display Name is not being pulled from YD POS1

  6. Reporting Groups are not supported

  7. Commission Groups are not supported

  8. Images are not supported

  9. On hand is not pulled or updated from Yellow Dog Inventory

  10. COGS are not pulled from Yellow Dog Inventory, No Cost is Shown in Appetize

  11. Vendor Name/Code is not pulled from Yellow Dog Inventory

  12. Supplier ID (Vendor SKU) is not pulled from Yellow Dog Inventory

  13. Special characters in SKU or UPC field are not supported (numeric or alpha only)

Other Notes

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