Arryved Venyu Interface


Our 2-Way way interface with Arryved synchronizes item and sales data with Arryved Venyu via two elements, a Yellow Dog Inventory sync application and Arryved Venue's API. 

Sync Approach

Yellow Dog's sync application pulls Arryved Venyu's Inventory Level codes from and pushes new and changed items to Arryved Venyu's API.

Sync Frequency

Yellow Dog's sync can be run at any interval, but will be scheduled at the top of each hour during business hours by default. Arryved Venyu's sync application pushes sales data to the Yellow Dog API at a frequency determined by Arryved Venyu. 


The following is required from Arryved Venyu in order to ensure that item and sales data synchronizes correctly:

  • A list of all Unit_Size codes
  • A list of all Item_Types
  • A list of all Location IDs (Revenue Center Codes)
  • A list of all items currently in Arryved Venyu with their corresponding ItemIDs, Unit-Size codes, and Item_Types.
  • API Key- If there are multiple stores interfacing to Arryved, they will each require their own separate sync with a unique API Key. This will be provided by the Arryved team.
  • Company ID

Data Exchange

Exporting Item Data

Yellow Dog pushes the following item data to Arryved Venyu via their API:

Yellow Dog FieldArryved Venyu Field
SKU (Parent SKU for parent/child items; Matrix SKU for matrix items)itemID and/or ConversionID
Generic Level AInventoryID*
Generic Code AItem Type**
POS Description 1Short Name
Description (single item, parent item, or matrix description)Name
All available sizes per main itemitemCosts
Dimension 1 (first 3 characters)Size
Retail 1Cost
Active/Inactive/RemovedStatus (Active or Inactive)

Importing Sales Data

The Yellow Dog sync does not pull in Arryved Venyu sales; the Arryved Venyu sync pushes sales data to the Yellow Dog API.

Importing Code Data

The Yellow Dog sync pulls in all Arryved Venyu Inventory ID codes.



Yellow Dog's sync can be run from any location that can access the Arryved Venyu API.

Additional Information


  1. *Inventory ID can only be pushed into Arryved Venyu once; they do not allow updates to this setting via their API.
  2. **Item Type is not available in the Arryved Venyu API for our sync to pull in automatically at this time; these codes must be populated in Yellow Dog manually or via a SQL script.
  3. In the Arryved Venyu back office, you will not see the ConversionID for a new item displayed until the Conversion Type is changed; there is no way to control that setting via the Arryved Venyu API.


Yellow Dog will be responsible for supporting their sync; Arryved Venyu will be responsible for supporting their sync.