The sync with Brink POS is a 1-Way interface where Yellow Dog Inventory pulls sales data and reduces inventory levels based on transactions.

Sync Approach

Yellow Dog Inventory pulls sales data from Brink's API.

Sync Frequency

The sync can be scheduled as often as every 30 minutes or as seldom as once a day, although by default, it will be run at the top of every hour during business hours.


Yellow Dog Requirements

This sync requires Yellow Dog v360 or higher. 

In order to pull sales data from Brink POS we require:

  • RVC Codes (Brink Location Tokens)
  • API Access Token


.Net 4.6.2 must be installed wherever this sync will be run.



This sync may be installed anywhere where it can access the Brink API, but it will run faster on the Yellow Dog server.

Additional Information


1. Brink does not send quantities. All sales quantities are 1 unless they provide a denominator for split/shared items.