With our Clover Interface, Yellow Dog Inventory can both pulls sales data from Clover as well as push in new or changed items.

Sync Approach

This interface contains one element: From Yellow Dog, a sync application which pull sales (orders) from Clover and push in new/changed items via the Clover API.

Sync Frequency

This interface can be scheduled to process sales and push items at a time and frequency of your choosing. 




POS Partner

This interface will work with any version of Clover.

Yellow Dog

The Yellow Dog Sync program will need internet access to exchange information with the API.



Provide Clover Merchant ID(s) to Yellow Dog Implementation Guide.

POS Partner


Yellow Dog


Data Exchange and Mapping

Sales Data


Item Data


When an item is made inactive or removed in Yellow Dog, the item is marked as HIDDEN/inactive in Clover.

System Codes

Additional Information

For multiple merchants, Yellow Dog will need the same SKU number for each item that is replicated in each merchant.  Please contact us for a review to determine our approach with your existing item setup.


  1. The Clover web page of items will need to be refreshed in order for new or changed items to appear.

  2. Yellow Dog treats modifiers as their own item record. (Example: Add Bacon will be displayed as a separate item in Yellow Dog Inventory).

  3. Clover Categories may have a SKU limit that varies by install. Please consult your Clover Implementation Guide.

  4. Clover only supports 1 UPC per item

  5. The modifier scenarios below are no longer supported:

  • Zero priced modifiers (EXAMPLE: Hot, Cold, For Here, To Go)

  • Non-zero priced modifiers as item attribute price (EXAMPLE: Polo Shirt is $0.00 until modifier is selected - Large $10.00, XXL $15.00)

Other Notes

Yellow Dog Software will support the interface and will assist with any API issues.