The interface with Club Essential supports a 1-Way integration, consisting of one element, the Yellow Dog Generic Sync Application. 

Sync Approach

All data will be communicated via text files using the CSV format. These files will all exist in a shared network folder or FTP folder. The sync will check for any new code and/or sales files from Club Essential and process them to update codes and reduce inventory/update sales data in Yellow Dog Inventory.

Sync Frequency

Club Essential will create and send the sales file once a day. Yellow Dog will check for any new sales files from Club Essential and process them to reduce inventory and update sales data. 



Data Exchange

This interface is a simple file exchange. Club Essential will process a sales file to the FTP folder, and Yellow Dog Inventory will retrieve the file to reduce inventory. 

Below are the corresponding fields. 

Club Essential Field Yellow Dog Field
ItemID (up to 5 Digits)Item Number
ItemPOS Description 1
Sales Category CodeClub Essential Sales Category Code
Unit RetailRetail 1
Unit DiscountDiscount
TransactionIDCheck Number

Importing Sales Data 

Yellow Dog will import the sales file once per day after the file has been add to the FTP folder. 

Yellow Dog receives the following: 

  • Type    
  • RevenueCenterID    
  • ItemID    
  • Item    
  • CheckClosedDate/Time    
  • TransactionID    
  • TransactionLineID    
  • Quantity    
  • UnitRetail    
  • UnitDiscount    
  • EmployeeID    
  • EmployeeName
  • ItemType


This sync can be run anywhere with access to Yellow Dog and to the shared file location where the sync can drop the export file and pick up the import files. 

The shared location may be a folder on the machine or a shared drive, or it may be an ftp location.

Before running the sync, make sure that any Yellow Dog stores you're syncing have the appropriate Revenue Center codes. 

Additional Information