The interface with Concept supports a 2-way integration. The 2-way interface is required for retail inventory needs.

There are two elements involved in the interface:

  1. Yellow Dog Software Sync Application

  2. Concept Import/Export Process

Sync Approach

Yellow Dog Software sync application generates a file on a scheduled basis for any new or changed items and places it in an agreed upon ftp location.  The sync will also check for any new code and/or sales files from Concept and process them to update codes and reduce inventory/update sales data.

Concept has their process check for new files on a frequency set by the end client.  If a file exists, Concept will process it and add or update items to the Concept POS. 

Sync Frequency

The Yellow Dog and Concept sync applications can be run on demand and at any frequency. Our recommendation is to have the Yellow Dog sync run every 60 minutes.




POS Partners

All data on pre-existing Concept items to include:

  • Number

  • Family

  • Warehouse, Name

  • Search Group

  • Sales Price 1

  • Discount Condition

  • Tax, Unit

  • Observation

  • Control Stock

  • Situation, UPC

  • Sale Group

Yellow Dog

Yellow Dog will need the following for Concept:

  • Starting number range for new item numbers (Concept requires an 8-digit number)

  • A complete list of Revenue Center (Warehouse) numbers and names

Yellow Dog Version 362

An agreed upon FTP location accessible by both sides will need to be created.

Yellow Dog's sync application can run from any computer that can access the designated FTP folder and has .Net 4.6.2 installed.

All Revenue Centers must be set.

Concept is responsible for all setup, configuration, and scheduling of their import/export process.

Concept requires their API V.204.




POS Partner


Yellow Dog


Data Exchange and Mapping

Sales Data

Yellow Dog receives the following:

  • Revenue Center

  • Transaction Number

  • Check Closed DateTime

  • Employee ID

  • Tender

  • Item Number

  • Quantity

  • Retail Price

  • Discount

Item Data

Yellow Dog exports the following item data to Concept:

Concept Field NameYellow Dog Field
Number (8 Digits)Item Number
FamilyConcept Family
WarehouseRevenue Center
NameItem Description
Search GroupConcept Search Group
Sales Price 1Retail 1
Discount ConditionConcept Discount
VAT Inc 1Concept Tax
UnitConcept Unit
Quantity StockOn Hand
Control StockCount/No Count status
SituationActive/Inactive status
Barcode (no limit)UPCs, else SKU
Sale GroupConcept Sale Group

System Codes

Concept provides separate files for their codes:

  • Warehouse (Revenue Center)

  • Family

  • Sales Group

  • Search Group

  • Units

  • Color

  • Size

  • Tax

Additional Information


1.     Concept will only support an 8-digit Item Number.  Yellow Dog Inventory will require all Item Number to be 8 digits.   Note:  Item           Number is an internal identification number that is used to send/link sales from Concept.  The Yellow Dog SKU is a separate                 number and does not have any numbering limitations.

2.     Yellow Dog can push ALL UPC codes to Concept.  If an item does not have ANY UPC codes, we will send the Yellow Dog SKU.            If an item has any UPC codes, we will NOT send the SKU.  Any bar codes that are printed from Yellow Dog need to respect the            above rules.

3.     New or changed items only appear in Concept after their Import/Export Process is ran.

Other Notes


Each side will support their portion of the interface.


Each of the two elements will be implemented separately by Yellow Dog and Concept.