Our one-way interface with Dinerware allows Yellow Dog Inventory to pulls sales data from the Dinerware API to reduce inventory.

Sync Frequency

Yellow Dog's sync with Dinerware can be scheduled as often as every 30 minutes or as seldom as once a day, although by default it will be scheduled to run at the top of every hour during business hours.


Yellow Dog Requirements

A complete list of Dinerware Revenue Center names and numbers.

Recipes in Yellow Dog must be mapped to the correct POS items in order to report to the correct inventory items.

Dinerware Requirements

We require a web service URL that can be found in the Dinerware Brain's Pool View as "External WCF".

Data Exchange

Yellow Dog's sync with Dinerware pulls sales data only and uses the Dinerware API.

Yellow Dog Inventory does not pull codes or push any item or code data to Dinerware.


This sync may be run from anywhere with access to the web service URL and must be configured to point to that URL.

Please note that the Dinerware Brain must be on when the sync runs.

Additional Information

Revenue Center 0 is the default for sales in Dinerware when they are not assigned to a specific revenue center. The Yellow Dog sync can be configured to assign all Revenue Center 0 sales to a specific store.


  1. Yellow Dog Inventory does not pull codes or push any item or code data to Dinerware.
  2. The Dinerware API does not currently provide data on modifiers/choices and therefore Yellow Dog cannot track sales of these items.
  3. Pulling sales data for more than a single day will pull sales data for all time and cause an error in the sync. This is a Dinerware bug that has been resolved with Dinerware v3.7.