The Yellow Dog Inventory implementation process consists of many moving parts and, in most cases, will determine the long term success of the solution for any business. It’s critical that the Yellow Dog implementation team and customer work together to formulate a plan at the outset of the project that can be executed by everyone involved.

Over many years of implementing systems for a wide variety of business types, we’ve been able to identify some key factors and behaviors that will makes your project a success. We also know which ones will make the process much harder than it needs to be. Please review our comprehensive list of Do’s and Dont’s to prepare yourself and your team for your implementation project.

Do these things to ensure your project is a success:

  1. Be prepared to allocate time every day while implementing your new inventory system

  2. Take some time to consider data and level setup before starting data collection

  3. Communicate frankly and consistently with your Implementation Guide

  4. Be obsessive about providing the most complete and accurate data that you can

  5. Set aside undistracted time for training

  6. Use Yellow Dog often to become a master quickly

  7. Be attentive of timelines

  8. Communicate with your Implementation Guide if business needs are going to require you to divert your attention for any period of time

  9. Understand that while we pride ourselves on being attentive and available to our clients, our Implementation Guides are also working to provide that same level of service to other clients. Planning ahead and scheduling time will keep the project moving forward.

  10. Have a plan for conducting your Physical Inventory and prepare everyone involved, as well as your stock, in advance.

  11. Understand that their will likely need to be some tweaks to data after your first physical inventory

  12. Plan to have Yellow Dog setup finalized to begin testing at least a week before you plan to be live in your operation.

Don’t do these things:

  1. Don’t provide data from an existing inventory system without extensive review and cleanup

  2. Don’t expect your Implementation Guide to be able to collect your inventory data for you

  3. Don’t add items to your inventory system that you do not currently stock

  4. Don’t rush your data. Clean, complete data means everything to a successful implementation

  5. Don’t take shortcuts and think you will fix it later

  6. Don’t let duplicates infect your data

  7. Don’t Ignore the importance of having someone on your team to lead/own the project

  8. Don’t change project leads during implementation

  9. Don’t expect employee turnover to be inconsequential to the success of your project

  10. Don’t expect your implementation to be a side project

  11. Don’t let training be a one way street. Participate and ask questions

  12. Don’t miss check in calls. Communication and momentum are key to finishing a project on time

  13. Don’t expect Yellow Dog to be able to handle internal IT needs

  14. Don’t conduct Physical Inventories while you are open

  15. Don’t forget there will be a learning curve

  16. Don’t forget that new systems may require new or different processes

  17. Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare for your physical inventory

  18. Don’t wait until Go Live to test barcode scanning