What are the purchase document types does YDI support?

Invoices, Product Guides, Credits(Return to Vendors)

How long does an existing EDI sync take to implement and deploy?

It typically takes the vendor 2-4 weeks to setup the EDI once the Vendor Account Rep has put in the work order.

How long does a new EDI sync take to implement and deploy?

It usually takes the vendor about 2 weeks to provide a test sample file to Yellow Dog based on the EDI requirements. However, that time frame is 100% dependent on the vendor. Once Yellow Dog has received and validated the file provided will work, we guarantee development of the new EDI sync will be completed within 30 days of file validation.

What are the required invoice data fields to implement a successful New EDI sync?

Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Item Description, Vendor SKU, Item Cost, Item Unit of Measurement, and Store ID.