GEMTouch consumes the Yellow Dog API for a 2-way integration. The integration allows for GemTouch to consume new or changed items from Yellow Dog Inventory as well as post sales transactions. 

Sync Approach

GemTouch controls the exchange of data with Yellow Dog’s API.   No application is installed in this approach.

Sync Frequency

Transaction data is sent to Yellow Dog as soon as a check is closed, essentially real-time or immediate. 

The item import sync with our API is run daily, and will typically occur after business hours have concluded. The sync frequency is configurable, our recommendation is to run every hour. 



The minimum version of Yellow Dog Inventory must be v 361.

Data Exchange

GemTouch controls the push of all data transmission via Yellow Dog’s API. If a check is reopened and then closed again we will send up update records as needed. Yellow Dog will receive all item data including:

  • Item Number
  • Description
  • SKU
  • Revenue Center

Voids and Returns are sent to Yellow Dog as a negative quantity for any item in the Yellow Dog database. 

Additional Information


  1. GEMTouch is only sending information for transactions including service items in which those items are already linked in Yellow Dog.