Yellow Dog Inventory's 2-Way interface synchronizes data with Gilbarco. This document outlines requirements necessary to ensure a clean sync. Yellow Dog Inventory will push all new item definitions into the POS as well as pull all sales and returns.

Sync Approach

The sync application will push a data file to the BOInbox shared folder and pulling transaction data from the shared folder BOOutbox.

Yellow Dog Inventory will push all new item definitions into the POS as well as pull all sales and returns.

Sync Frequency

Yellow Dog Inventory syncs to the Gilbarco Passport POS once every hour. 




POS Partner

The following settings must be updated in Gilbarco prior to running the Yellow Dog Inventory Sync application. 

In the Management Interface, navigate to Set Up --> Store --> Back Office Interface -->XMLGateway Polling Options tab.

  • Interface Format must be NACS XML v3.3.

  • Enable XMLGateway File Polling must be checked.

  • Fill in Backoffice User Name (might be BackOffice).

  • Fill in Backoffice Password (might be BackOffice).

  • Fill in Directory Path to Pull XML Files From (might beC:\Passport\XMLGateway\BOInbox).

  • Fill in Directory Path to Push XML Files To (might beC:\Passport\XMLGateway\BOOutbox).

Yellow Dog

Yellow Dog Inventory must have the following information to fully interface with Gilbarco:

•    A complete list of Revenue Center names and numbers that will contain retail inventory.
•    Merchandise Codes and Descriptions
•    Item Type Codes and Descriptions
•    Item Type SubCodes and Descriptions. This may be empty.
•    Payment System Product Codes and Descriptions
•    Tax Strategy IDs and Descriptions




POS Partner


Yellow Dog


Data Exchange and Mapping

Sales Data


Item Data


System Codes

The BOInbox and BOOutbox folders must be shared and accessible by the Yellow Dog Inventory application server or an intermediate computer where we can install our Sync application.


Gilbarco Field Name Yellow Dog Field
TransmissionHeader\StoreLocationID Revenue Center
JournalReport\SaleEvent\EventEndDateCheck Closed Date
JournalReport\SaleEvent\EventEndTimeCheck Closed Time
JournalReport\SaleEvent\TransactionIDTransaction Number
JournalReport\SaleEvent\CashierIDEmployee Number
JournalReport\SaleEvent\TransactionDetailGroup\TransactionLineTransaction Line Number
ItemLine\ItemCode\POS CodeSKU
ItemLine\DescriptionItem Description
ItemLine\ActualSalesPrice"ActualSalesPrice"/"SalesQuantity"= Item Retail
ItemLine\Discount\DiscountReasonDiscount Description
ItemLine\MerchandiseCodeMerchandise Code

Additional Information


1.  Yellow Dog does not process fuel sales. 

Other Notes

While we are not aware of any license and/or labor fees required by Gilbarco, please contact your Gilbarco Representative to confirm this information.