With our GolfPro interface, Yellow Dog Inventory synchronizes data with GolfPro. This document outlines the requirements necessary to ensure a clean sync.

Sync Approach

Yellow Dog Inventory will push any new or edited items and definitions into the GolfPro database as well as pull all sales, returns, and update definition settings in Yellow Dog.

The sync can be scheduled as often as every 30 minutes or as seldom as once a day, although by default, it will be run at the top of every hour during business hours.




We will need the following access in order for the interface to work correctly:

  • Communication with the GolfPro (database) server from the YDI database server.

    • If Yellow Dog is hosting your database, we will need access to the GolfPro server through a port we will specify during set up.

    • If you are self-hosted, the two servers will need to talk through port 1433, or another port, if preferred.

  • Remote access to the GolfPro server in order to set up our synchronization tool.

    • Temporary Administrator access to install and configure the sync application on the GolfPro server. Most of the time, this application will be installed in the folder: D:\GolfPro\YellowDogInventory_[SiteName]\

    • Log-in credentials to the GolfPro database with read/write privileges. This is a low-level login to the database that our sync application will use.

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Yellow Dog Software

The following information is necessary for all set-ups prior to full configuration of Yellow Dog Inventory's interface with GolfPro:

  • A complete list of Outlet names and numbers that will contain retail inventory.

  • A complete list of Categories that will be used for retail items.

  • We will also need to know which items will have Required Comments, be Open, and/or Commissionable.


The .NET 3.5 Runtime must be installed for our sync to work. Yellow Dog Software can install this if it is needed.



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Yellow Dog Software

Data Exchange and Mapping

Sales Data

Item Data

System Codes

While syncing data between Yellow Dog Inventory and GolfPro, Yellow Dog Inventory reads and writes data from the GolfPro DNS using a stand-alone executable named SyncYDIWithGolfPro.exe.

SyncYDIWithGolfPro can connect to the database using a SQL login.

SyncYDIWithGolfPro must run on the GolfPro database server.

If an item is deleted or made unavailable to a store, the sync will remove barcodes from the item in GolfPro, rendering the item unscannable.

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