Will there be a dedicated point of contact for our project?

Yes.  An Implementation Guide will be assigned at the outset of your project, and they will remain your primary point of contact from Kick Off until your project is transitioned to our support team after Go Live.

How long will the implementation process take?

Timelines are very much driven by the client data collection process, but an average project takes 4-6 weeks from Kick Off.

How do we determine when the project is “Live”?

In most cases, a project is considered Live when data has been imported, POS Syncs have been configured, and all training modules have been completed.  Some exceptions can apply when the resources needed from the client or POS provider cannot be provided in a time frame that is aligned with the Go Live Date agreed upon by Yellow Dog and the client.

What kind of data will my team need to provide Yellow Dog?

Examples of data that will be needed include, Item Descriptions, Vendors, Cost, Retail Prices (Retail operations only), UPCs (For retail operations that will be scanning items at the register) Departments, Categories, Batch Recipes (F&B Operations Only).  For a more comprehensive list of data needs, please consult the Yellow Dog Implementation Team.