Yellow Dog Inventory synchronizes sales and item data with InfoGenesis. This document outlines requirements necessary to ensure a clean sync when the InfoGenesis server is hosted by InfoGenesis.

Sync Approach

Our sync with InfoGenesis Hosted is a two-way file exchange in which we pull sales and item code data from and push item data to InfoGenesis using a shared ftp location.

Yellow Dog will drop an item .txt file for InfoGenesis' import/export tool to pick up, and InfoGenesis will drop sales and item code .txt files.

The sync can be run at any frequency but is generally scheduled to run four times per day and is limited by once per day sales updates from InfoGenesis.



POS Partner

The following information is required to fully configure Yellow Dog Inventory to interface with InfoGenesis:

  • A complete list of profit center names and numbers that will contain retail inventory.

  • The starting number (menu_item_id) for items in each profit center.

  • Product Mix files containing the following information:

    • Whether or not items are discountable (this can be set granularly)

    • All item groups used

    • All classes used

    • All report categories used

    • All revenue categories used

    • All security levels used

    • All tax groups used

    • Whether or not taxes are included

**Please Note: This item code data is included in the standard product mix export from Infogenesis, but if this is a NEW InfoGenesis install, Agilysys will need to place these files on the ftp for Yellow Dog to pick up before items can be configured correctly and exported from Yellow Dog for InfoGenesis.

For pre-existing Infogenesis systems, Agilysys will need to provide a Mi_Imp.txt file in order for Yellow Dog to import all Infogenesis item data and codes.**

Tax Group must be set for all items in Yellow Dog in order for the export file to generate.

We will need access to a designated folder on the InfoGenesis ftp site, portal.ftp.infogenesisasp.com, where we will place our export file, MI_Imp.txt, and pick up sales and item data from InfoGenesis.

Agilysys will need to set up automated processes to import the Mi_Imp.txt, prepare the data that was imported, and to reload the terminal in order for items to be added or updated.

Yellow Dog




POS Partner


Yellow Dog


Data Exchange and Mapping

Sales Data

SyncYdiWithInfoGenesisHosted.exe creates a text file (named MI_Imp.txt) in the ftp location containing item changes for InfoGenesis.

Yellow Dog can export item changes to the ftp at any interval, but changes will not be imported into Infogenesis until their Imp_Exp.exe utility runs.

Imp_Exp.exe will need to be scheduled by Agilysys and we recommend that it be scheduled to run fifteen minutes after every Yellow Dog sync.

If an item is deleted or made unavailable to a store in Yellow Dog, the sync will no longer push item updates to Infogenesis. However, this does not make the item inactive in the POS.

Item Data

Sales and item setup information are sent to Yellow Dog Inventory from InfoGenesis via the designated ftp location once per day. These .txt files are generated by InfoGenesis as part of their end of day process.

Sales Files

  • Sales Detailed Export (SLXXXXXX.txt)

  • R_P_Sale_XX-XX-XXXX.txt (Sales Mix with Check Type)

  • R_P_C_Sale_XX-XX-XXXX.txt (Sales Mix with Check Type)

  • R_E_Sale_XX-XX-XXXX.txt (Sales Mix with Check Type)

  • R_M_Sale_XX-XX-XXXX.txt (Sales Mix)

Product Mix Files

  • R_V_Intv_XX-XX-XXXX.txt (Sales Interval)

  • R_S_Subc_XX-XX-XXXX.txt (Subcategories)

  • R_L_Loc_XX-XX-XXXX.txt (Locations)

  • R_K_Item_Sku_XX-XX-XXXX.txt (Sales Items)

  • R_I_Item_XX-XX-XXXX.txt (Sales Items)

  • R_D_Dept_XX-XX-XXXX.txt (Departments)

  • R_C_Cat_XX-XX-XXXX.txt (Categories)

Implementation is dependent on Agilysys completing their setup.

SyncYdiWithInfoGenesisHosted.exe will run from the Yellow Dog server and be configured to point to the ftp location.

System Codes

Additional Information

There are a few changes in newer versions of Infogenesis affecting our MI_Imp.txt file format:

  • Sequence 4 and 5 (POS Description 1 and 2) allows 7 characters in the older version of InfoGenesis; the newer version allows 16.

  • Sequence 7 has an extra space in the older version that the newer version cannot support.

Our sync is currently formatted for the older version of InfoGenesis, but can be customized for the newer version.


Other Notes