MM Hayes QuickCharge consumes the Yellow Dog API for a 2-way integration and was formally certified on January 2018. The integration allows for MM Hayes QuickCharge to consume new or changed items from Yellow Dog Inventory as well as post sales transactions.

Sync Approach

MMHayes controls the exchange of data with Yellow Dog’s API.   No application is installed in this approach.

Sync Frequency

This interface can be scheduled to run down to 15 minutes increments.  Our recommendation is to have the sync run every 60 minutes.


Back Office Setup

Quickcharge will use Level 1 in Yellow Dog Inventory to determine what the taxes, discounts, printers and rewards behavior will be for items.


The minimum version of Yellow Dog Inventory must be v 361.

The minimum version of QuickCharge must be QC Version 9.0.0+ and QC POS Version 1.6.1+.

Data Exchange

MMHayes controls the push of all data transmission via Yellow Dog’s API.

Below are the corresponding data fields.

YD API FieldMM Hayes Field
Item ID Source Record Identifier
DescriptionDescription 1
Level 1 IDUnused
Level 1 CodeUnused
Level 1 DescriptionSubDepartment Name
Level 2 IDUnused
Level 2 CodeUnused
Level 2 DescriptionUnused
Derived from combination of SKU’s and UPC’s fieldsAlias Product Code*
Stores.StoreIDUsed to derive description
Derived from StoreID if found in our system; otherwise Stores.descriptionRevenueCenterName
Derived from sub department, in-turn derived from Level1Description PrinterName*, RewardName*, DiscountNames**, Tax Names**


Importing Sales Data

Yellow Dog receives full line item details for sales transactions with no restrictions.

Additional Information


1.   Matrix items in Yellow Dog are handled as single items with no relation in QuickCharge.

2.  Prior to a new Level 1 being created in Yellow Dog, a sub-department by the same name must first be created in QuickCharge.             The End User may do this or may contact MMHayes QuickCharge (POS Vendor) for assistance.

3.  Voids are not a supported transaction type in this interface.

4.  Any items marked as inactive or deleted items in Yellow Dog Inventory will be marked as inactive in MMHayes QuickCharge.