Our ResortSuite integration is a 2-Way interface through wich Yellow Dog imports sales data and exports new and changed items to ResortSuite. 

Sync Approach

Yellow Dog Inventory imports sales data via daily export files, and exports new and changed items to a text file that Resort Suite’s process imports once per day.

Sync Frequency

Our sync application will be scheduled to run based on Resort Suite’s daily import/export. It will be run once before the Resort Suite process to generate our export, and then once after their process to consume their sales files.




Yellow Dog

To ensure a clean sync, Yellow Dog requires the following information from Resort Suite:

A list of all

  • Revenue Center Codes

  • Division Codes

  • Department Codes

  • Taxability Codes

POS Partner

Resort Suite is responsible for installing and scheduling their import/export. Yellow Dog will coordinate with Resort Suite to determine the appropriate daily sync schedules.




POS Partner


Yellow Dog


Data Exchange and Mapping

Sales Data

Resort Suite provides one fixed length sales file per Revenue Center per day. Processing of this file may take up to 15 minutes.

Note: Resort Suite’s export does not provide transaction level detail, so all sales for the same day will share the same Check Closed date time as well as the same Transaction Number.

Item Data

Yellow Dog exports the following item details to a fixed length file that Resort Suite’s import process consumes once per day:

Resort Suite FieldYellow Dog Field
JDS UPC/Last 9 digits of primary UPC SKU
Retail PriceRetail Price
Full DescriptionDescription
DivisionMajor Group
DepartmentFamily Group
Taxability Code or Alt_Dept IDMenu Item Class
Average CostCalculated Cost

If an item is made inactive or removed in Yellow Dog, the SLU and barcodes for the item are replaced with a zero, making the item unsellable in ResortSuite.

System Codes


Additional Information


  1. Resort Suite’s sales export does not include transaction details such as check closed date time or transaction numbers. Because this data is not provided, Yellow Dog is unable to provide transaction level reporting on Resort Suite sales.

  2. Yellow Dog Software has worked with a consultant who can build a more detailed sales export from ResortSuite. We would suggest client's utilize the services of this contractor to get a more detailed sales export. Contact us and we will introduce you to this company.

Other Notes


This sync will need to be run from a location with access to the shared import and export folders.