The integration with Revel is a 2-Way interface in which Yellow Dog pulls sales and code data from and pushes new and changed items to Revel Systems via their API.

Sync Frequency

Yellow Dog's sync can be run at any interval, but will be scheduled at the top of each hour during business hours by default.


Yellow Dog Requirements

The following is required from Revel in order to ensure that item and sales data synchronizes correctly:

  • API Key
  • API Secret
  • Revenue Center / Establishment Codes
  • User ID to be used for the sync
  • POS Button Colors, if desired

Data Exchange

Exporting Item Data

Yellow Dog pushes the following item data to Revel Systems via their API:

Yellow Dog FieldRevel Systems Field
POS Description 1Name
Retail 1Price
Calculated CostCost
UPC1/UPC2/UPC3/SKUBarcode (limit 1 in Revel)
Generic Level ACategory (required)
Generic Level BProduct Class
Generic Code APOS Button Color
Generic Code BTax Group

Importing Sales Data

The Yellow Dog sync pulls sales data from the Revel Systems API.

Importing Code Data

The Yellow Dog sync pulls in the following codes:

  • Revel Category
  • Product Class
  • Tax Group 



Yellow Dog's sync can be run from any location that can access the Revel Systems API.

Additional Information


  1. Revel POS is limited to a single barcode per item, 4 digits or greater. Yellow Dog's sync will push UPC1 if it is populated with a code longer than 4 digits; if UPC1 is not populated with a valid UPC, the Yellow Dog sync will push UPC2, UPC3, or SKU, whichever has a valid code first.
  2. Because of the way that Revel Systems receives images, we are unable to push images to Revel's API.
  3. After updating items in Yellow Dog and running the sync, a Refresh is required to update the Revel POS.
  4. After updating items, their placement on the Revel POS screens may change.
  5. Revel has specific limitations to the number of API calls that can be made to their API per day; this can cause delays with initial item pushes into Revel POS.
  6. Our current integration is designed for retail sales only and does not currently support F&B specific elements such as modifiers.