The interface with RPower supports a 1-way integration.

There is only one element involved in this interface:  The Yellow Dog RPower Sync application.

Sync Approach

The Yellow Dog sync application pulls sales data directly from the RPower database. The sync is typically installed on the Yellow Dog Server but can be installed at any location that can access the Rpower database.

Sync Frequency

The Yellow Dog Inventory sync can be run at any customized frequency. Our recommendation is to have the sync run every 60 minutes.



The minimum version of Yellow Dog Inventory must be v363.

POS Partner


Yellow Dog

Database connection info:

Database Host

  • Database Port

  • Database Username - with read privileges

  • Database Password

  • Consolidation Group (The ID for the customers data)

  • List of RPower Profit Centers - The Sync allows for multiple Revenue Center Codes per Yellow Dog Store.

  • List of all the RPower items and their menu ID's to match Yellow Dog's Item Number. The sync allows us to link the POS Item to a Yellow Dog Item (typically retail items) or link to a recipe (typically food and beverage). 

Data Exchange and Mapping

This sync can be run from any location that can access the RPower database, normally the Yellow Dog server. 

Sales Data 

Our Sync pulls in the following transaction data from the RPower database: 

  • Check Closed DateTime

  • Item Number

  • Item

  • ItemRetail

  • ItemDiscount

  • Quantity

  • Employee Number

  • Employee Name

  • Transaction Number

  • Void Reasons (TPTransaction.Reference)

  • Tender (see limitation below)

Voids, Returns and Refunds:

  • Our sync handles voids, returns, and refunds based on how they impact cost.

  • Voids that impact cost will zero out the original transaction record.

  • Returns and refunds that impact cost will create a new negative transaction for the item.

  • Voids, refunds and returns that do not impact cost are ignored.

Item Data


System Codes


Additional Information


  1. Currently, we are not able to link a modifier back to their parent item (plate cost reporting not available).

  2. We do not pull in Discount Descriptions.

  3. RPower has the ability to select “No” and then a modifier – “No Cheddar” for example. Yellow Dog will only see “Cheddar” and if mapped, reduce this item’s on-hand. To resolve this, all combinations need to be setup as menu item. Please contact us for further clarification on this matter.

  4. "Retail" items will need to be created in RPower as well as Yellow Dog (no 2-way ability).

  5. When pulling in Tender with transactions, if a payment is split the Tender of the entire transaction number will take the payment tender of the first payment type.

Other Notes