Ready Theater Systems


The interface with Ready Theater Systems supports a 1-way integration.

There is only one element involved in this interface:  SyncYdiWithMicroServices.

Sync Approach

Uses a lambda to pull sales data from the Ready Theatre Database.

Sync Frequency

Using SyncYdiWithMicroServices, this sync can be run at any time. Our recommendation is to run the sync once per day.


Yellow Dog will need the following from Ready Theatre Systems:

List of stations

URL for customer

Database Password

Back Office Set Up Requirements:

The minimum version of Yellow Dog Inventory must be v366.

Data Exchange

Importing Sales Data 

Our sync pulls in the following transaction data from Ready Theatre Systems:

  • Transaction Date Time

  • Receipt Number

  • Main.ConcItem.Id

  • ItemName

  • Employee Number

  • FirstName + Last Name (Employee)

  • StationNumber

  • TransactionType

Additional Information


  1. We are unable to see discounts that are part of line items such as employee discounts.

  2. We are unable to see modifier associations; all modifiers are reported as separate line items.