The interface with Silverware supports a 2-Way integration. 

Sync Approach

Yellow Dog Inventory pulls sales data from SilverWare's API to reduce inventory based upon sales and the Silverware Sync pushes updated item data from Yellow Dog into .csv files. Those files are imported into SilverWare once SilverWare's import process is complete. 

Sync Frequency

Our sync can run at any point and is set up to automatically run at the top of every business hour.



 .Net 4.6.2 must be installed on the SilverWare server(s) where this sync will run.

POS Partner

SilverWare must configure their server(s) to allow us to access the API.

SilverWare is responsible for configuring and scheduling their import process and providing access to the shared folder for our export file.

Yellow Dog

In order to synchronize Data with Silverware, we require the following:

  • List of SilverWare Cost Centers

  • Starting Number

  • API URL and API Key / Token for each SilverWare Server

  • Export of all pre-existing SilverWare items




POS Partner


Yellow Dog


Data Exchange and Mapping

Sales Data

Yellow Dog's sync with SilverWare pulls sales data from the local SilverWare API on each SilverWare server.

Item Data

We export the following item properties to SilverWare via a .csv file that the SilverWare Import process consumes:

YDI Field SilverWare Field
UPC1, else SKU Barcode (limit 1)
Description Name
ItemCost Cost (average cost of the item across all Yellow Dog stores)
ItemRetail Retail
CurrentOnHand On Hand (sum of an item's on hand across all Yellow Dog stores)
Generic CodeA Minor Class (Required)
ItemNumber InterfaceID (We prepend 'YD' to any items created in Yellow Dog)
Active Active/Inactive

NOTE: All new items created in Yellow Dog and exported to SilverWare will have SilverWare Interfaces IDs prepended with "YD".

System Codes

Our sync pulls in a listing of all Minor Classes in SilverWare.

Additional Information


  1. SilverWare does not support per store item settings; as a result, we export an item's average cost and a sum of the item's on hand across all stores in Yellow Dog, and all retail prices for an item must be consistent across all stores in Yellow Dog.

  2. SilverWare is limited to one barcode per item.

  3. Yellow Dog will push a UPC for each item if one is assigned; if there is not a UPC assigned to the item, Yellow Dog will push the SKU.

Other Notes



This sync must be run on the SilverWare Server.