The integration with SMS Touch supports a 1-Way interface which includes one element.

Sync Approach

Yellow Dog Inventory pulls sales data from SMS Touch with our SMS Touch Interface. Yellow Dog Inventory does not export items to SMS Touch.

Sync Frequency

The Yellow Dog sync picks up a sales file once per day to match item and sales data in SMS Touch to items in Yellow Dog Inventory.


Recipes in Yellow Dog must be mapped to the correct POS items in order to report to the correct inventory items.

Yellow Dog can review your setup prior to your acceptance of the proposal to identify what you and your POS team will need to do to allow our inventory system to work properly.

Data Exchange

Existing POS items and modifiers may need to be reconfigured so that the proper item is listed in the sales information and can be mapped to reduce the correct inventory items.



Yellow Dog's SMS Touch sync application must be installed and run from the SMS Touch Server, with access to the folder where SMS Touch exports their sales files.

Additional Information


  1. Yellow Dog Inventory does not receive detailed discount information from SMS Touch.