The interface with SpaSoft supports a 2-Way integration in which Yellow Dog Inventory synchronizes data with SpaSoft via their API.. 

Sync Approach

Multiple times a day Yellow Dog Inventory will push all new item definitions into the POS as well as pull all sales and returns via the SpaSoft API.




POS Partners

SpaSoft uses the SMS Diplomat Interface platform to provide messaging capability. SMS Diplomat is a highly developed Web Services application that runs on the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 operating system. This complete communications gateway authenticates, tracks to completion, and logs every transaction to and from SpaSoft. 

Before a sync can be set up, Diplomat must be configured.

Yellow Dog

Yellow Dog must have the following information in order to fully configure Yellow Dog Inventory to interface with SpaSoft:

  • A complete list of revenue center names and numbers that will contain retail inventory.

  • The following information will need to be provided by the SpaSoft installer:

    • Web Service URL

    • Authenticated System ID

    • SpaSoft System ID

    • SpaSoft Username

    • SpaSoft Password




POS Partners


Yellow Dog


Data Exchange and Mapping

Sales Data


Item Data


System Codes


Additional Information

Additional Fees

While there are no additional fees required by Yellow Dog Software, there may be labor and/or license fees required by SpaSoft. Please contact your SpaSoft Sales Person for more information.

Other Notes



In Yellow Dog Inventory

  • Turn off ability to edit SKUs for all employees. SpaSoft items are matched on by SKU. If the SKU changes, this will result in duplicate entries in SpaSoft.

  • Interface settings:

    • Class: required and can be found on Setup List produced by the SpaSoft DataWorks Administration Utility

    • Cuserdef 2: true=is gift card, false=not a giftcard

    • Cuserdef 3: true=apply commissions, false=do not apply commissions

    • Pms Posting Id: found on Setup List produced by the SpaSoft DataWorks Administration Utility

If an item is made inactive or deleted in Yellow Dog, the item is marked as “inactive” in SpaSoft.