With our Total Touch interface, Yellow Dog Inventory pulls sales data via an .mdb sales export file updated by Total Touch at the end of each day.


Yellow Dog Requirements

A complete list of Total Touch Revenue Center names and numbers.

Recipes in Yellow Dog must be mapped to the correct POS items in order to report to the correct inventory items.

Total Touch Back Office Set Up Requirements

Existing POS items and modifiers may need to be reconfigured so that the proper item is listed in the sales file and can be mapped to reduce the correct inventory items. Yellow Dog can review your setup prior to your acceptance of the proposal to identify what you and your POS team will need to do to allow our inventory system to work properly.

The sales export must be configured both to run as an automatic, end of day process, and also to export the .mdb file without password protection. In the Total Touch Back Office, go to Setup - > System Options - > Interface tab and check the box "Enable Sales Export".

Data Exchange

Yellow Dog's sync with Total Touch imports sales data by reading the .mdb sales export files. There is one file per month that, once configured properly, is updated daily as part of the end of day process.

Our sync can read sales data as far back as desired and is only limited by the files available to it.


The sync will need to be configured to point to a folder containing the sales export files and can be run from the Total Touch server, or from any location that has access to that folder.

Additional Information

Total Touch allows for one employee who opens a ticket (Begin Clerk) and another who closes it (End Clerk). Yellow Dog only supports one employee per transaction and can customize this sync to pull either the opening or closing employee by default.