When opportunities present themselves, we are able to build syncs between Yellow Dog Inventory and a new Point of Sale system. In general these syncs pull sales information from the POS and push new inventory item information into the POS.

How It Works

Typically, a Store in Yellow Dog Inventory corresponds with a Revenue Center in the POS. Data is pushed/pulled based in this relationship.

The sync is performed by a small stand-alone application that is launched by the Windows Task Scheduler. This sync will typically be named something like SyncYdiWithMysteryPos.exe. By default we set SyncYdiWithMysteryPos.exe to run once an hour throughout the day. This can be customized. Yellow Dog Inventory does not have an end-of-day process.


If MysteryPOS already has some sort of documented interface, no development is necessary by the MysteryPOS vendor. We take responsibility for all development.

What we do need:

  • Full documentation and any examples. Access to a test system is recommended.
  • Information about any licensing or support fees we or the customer may need to pay.
  • A clear list of requirements concerning any certifications that may need to take place prior to putting the sync into the customer's production environment.
  • The POS's interface functionality activated if we don't have the ability to do that ourselves.

The POS Interface

SyncYdiWithMysteryPos.exe can interact with the POS using any number of technologies, such as:

  • Text files (any format) placed in a shared folder or ftp site.
  • Web services.
  • Port connections.
  • DB selects and updates.
  • Etc.

Pulling Sales Data

SyncYdiWithMysteryPos.exe pulls sales transaction information out of POS server. This information is used to reduce inventory on-hands. This is a list of all of the possible fields SyncYdiWithMysteryPos.exe can pull:

  • RevenueCenterIdentifier
  • TransactionIdentifier
  • TransactionLineIdentifier
  • ItemIdentifier
  • DateTime
  • Quantity
  • ItemRetail
  • ItemDiscount
  • DiscountDescription
  • EmployeeNumber
  • Employee
  • TenderType

Pushing Item Data

SyncYdiWithMysteryPos.exe pushes inventory item information into the POS. SyncYdiWithMysteryPos.exe can push:

  • ItemIdentifier
  • ItemSKU
  • ItemUPC(s)
  • ItemDescription(s)
  • ItemRetail
  • ItemCost
  • ItemCurrentOnHand
  • POS Specific Codes such as:
    • Item Class
    • Tax Class
    • Discount Class (See this page for more information.)