This integration is available for Yellow Dog Inventory version 368 and above

All Items must already exit in the Yellow Dog Inventory system. We will match the Inventory POS ID from Freepour to the YD Item SKU or UPC Code. If an item is on a session that is sent to Yellow Dog, but does not exist in Yellow Dog, the session cannot be imported. A window will pop up displaying the non-matching records. The user will need to fix the item in Freepour and upload again; OR, the unknown SKU and/or UPC can be assigned to new or existing YellowDog items, and then retry importing the count session.

Client Requirements

For you as the Freepour client, you need to do the following:

  • Confirm your Yellow Dog Inventory version is 368 or higher.

  • Confirm all items exist in Yellow Dog inventory and Freepour systems

Freepour Requirements

Free Pour will need to perform the following requirements:

  • Freepour will work with you to assign Yellow Dog store codes to the corresponding inventory locations in Freepour.

  • Freepour will work with you to ensure all Yellow Dog SKUs are assigned as the Inventory POS ID in the Freepour system.


  • Freepour supports one UPC per item. If more than one item needs to have their counts applied to a single item in Yellow Dog, the items in Freepour will require the same Inventory POS ID (Yellow Dog SKU)